HE Kateryn of Cornwall HE Kateryn of Cornwall

A Pair of Sonnets Built Upon the Lights of our Land

Amidst the velvet darkness of the night
Unparalleled is her exquisite gleam;
Resplendently she hearkens me to dream
Of ecstasies within her sparkling light.
Reach out and climb the mountain's massive height
And hope to catch a portion of her beam;
But why does every nightly vision seem
Out far beyond what I can hold in sight?
Regardless of that which I cannot keep
Eternally I look up to the north
And long to see her dancing in the air.
Lamenting from within my dreamless sleep
I cannot help but let a tear run forth
Surrendering her form to sunlight's flair.

November constellations call and cry
Of powers as they had in ancient lore;
Revealing her conundrum in the sky
The vault of heaven opens up her door.
Her glory fills the watcher with desire
Enlivening the soul to rise and sing;
Reflections of the gods' eternal fire
Now fill my eyes with awe and marveling.
Lift up the night with passion's gifted voice
Illuminate the mighty cosmic spheres
Give cause for all my spirit to rejoice
Her warmth and beauty strips away my fears.
To see Aurora Borealis blaze
Secures her inspiration all my days.

Posted by: Wilhelm Dichterman on 10/13/2007

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