Sigrid de la Mare called "Siri" Sigrid de la Mare called "Siri"

July Missive

Greetings unto the populace!

We’ve had several new people step up a local branch Exchequers, and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of the people who have served as Exchequers over the years. While it’s not the onerous task that some people think, it does require a commitment to maintaining good records, staying on top of bills and expenses, and submitting reports in a timely manner. I’m grateful for all who have committed the time needed to do this important work!

The reporting is especially important. We are all part of a large, international nonprofit, and the Society Treasurer submits a single, large report to the IRS for us all. That means we don’t have to understand how that reporting works, but it also means she needs complete and accurate records from all of us in order to do her job. The quarterly reports our local exchequers submit become a part of those records, and without them our status as a non-profit could be jeopardized! Please, keep them coming in on time!

Looking ahead, my two-year term as Kingdom Exchequer will end in January. As such, I need to identify a person who might be willing to step up in my place. Our tradition has been to appoint that person as my Emergency Deputy Exchequer for several months prior to stepping up, to have them work with me to learn what needs to be done, and to have them help me with reporting so that they are ready when the time comes to take over. If you think you might be interested in the post, you can find a formal job description on the Kingdom website under Officer ->Help Wanted, and you can contact me to discuss the job at any time. I look forward to hearing from you!

Yours in Service to the Dream,


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Posted by: Bayard the Turner Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer on 7/12/2021

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