Sitting at court Sitting at court

The Trial of Michael Sattler

"If warring were right, I would rather take the field against so-called Christians who persecute, capture, and kill pious Christians than against the Turks for the following reason; The Turk is a true Turk, knows nothing of the Christian faith, and is a Turk after the flesh. But you who would be Christians and who make your boast of Christ persecute the pious witnesses of Christ and are Turks after the spirit!"

Quoted from Michael Sattler
May 18, 1527 Ršttenburg

He stood and faced the ugly trial
While every charge was swiftly read
But Sattler knew justice was naught
And by the morrow, he would be dead.

I watched him as he fixed his gaze
Upon the man who held his fate
I thought he might beg, and have his life spared
But rather, he stood there, and this he did state.

"If warring were just, I would rather be placed
Against you who claim to know Christ
Yet openly hate us, and take our good lives
To side with the Turks, I would be so enticed.

Why, do you ask? 'Tis easy enough
Simply a matter of pride
For Turks have no need to be hypocrites
At least to their word, they abide.

But you, vicious snakes, crawl out of your den
And proudly proclaim your true faith
While hunting and burning you own brother man
Preying on them like a wraith!"

The judgement was certain after Sattler's harsh words
The punishment done the next day
They cut out his tounge, and set him ablaze
While the rest of us all stole away.

May Sattler's memory burn just as bright
As the fire upon which he died.
I always will speak of this man which I loved
And think of his virtue with pride.

All original works are © 1992-1996, Wallace J. Waltner

Posted by: Wilhelm Dichterman on 10/13/2007

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