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Minutes from 5-13 - Spring Crown Tournament

Stallari Council Meeting – Crown Tournament, Stoughton, WI 12 May 2013


Present: Seneschal, TRM, TRH, Polaris, Laws Clerk, KEM, Chronicler, Exchequer and deputy, Chiurgeon




Webminister proposed to become a part of Stallari Council


The position is now a freestanding office at society level.

The Webminister is often asked to participate in meetings already; information flow in repetition isn’t a functional ongoing solution.  The Chronicler and webminister are no longer related positions and webminister is independent and has their own deputies  and reporting structure.

New badge of office needed.

No objections.

This requires a lodging.


Next action: Laws Clerk to send up for comment.


Law change regarding crown entry requirements


TRM seek to simplify language regarding requirements for entry in to crown list by removing current extended wording and maintaining the ‘at the discretion of the crown’ wording in place.

KEM requested that the 1 year residency requirement remain in effect.

Seneschal accepts language simplification to crown prerogative as counting event attendance for this purpose can become messy.

Society Seneschal may intervene in cases where crown(s) are perceived to be abusing power prerogative which should add another layer to long term kingdom protection if needed.


Next action: Law Clerk to proceed with removing the quantitative lines regarding participation from law and will leave the repeating segments of corpora simply for as a memory aide.


Wording change regarding same sex landed baronial representatives


Laws currently states there may not be same sex baron / baroness candidate couples. Chronicler moved to strike language.

Polaris 2nd


Next action: Law Clerk to send changes for comment. 


Exchequer report


Stipend increase

Exchequer requests an increase to the exchequer stipend to $200 from $100 to cover ongoing costs of office including toner, postage and other supplies.

Currently the kingdom cash flow is balanced. This increase will not have a negative effect on kingdom. Kingdom finances are not in a state of surplus so this is a discretionary spending increase.  All great officers get a stipend but few use it except for Seneschal and exchequer who have greater reporting/compliance duties.



Return of Settlement funds

Outstanding amount is approximately $31,000.

Letters have been sent to groups regarding these funds. Approximately half of groups have responded. Funds will remain separate until all responses in.

Exchequer requests Stallari consider what investment opportunities will be to the benefit of the kingdom with funds returned from this exercise.


Next actions: Suggestions from all council members requested. TRM request Exchequer provide a return on investment analysis of options and to table them at subsequent meeting(s).


Regalia funds

Current balance is $2400 with no new funds expected.

Based on past purchases, this is enough for thrones, not crowns too.

New crowns required as current regalia is taking heavy use for which it was not intended.

Regalia usage data is not currently recorded but should be. No check in/out procedure is yet in place however the portfolio of items is under construction and will be housed on website.


Next actions: Request issued that there be a maintenance schedule set up by the Minister of Regalia and observed each reign. Webminister to place schedule online for easy access by all parties.


Storage of Kingdom Regalia

Transference of regalia to incoming/outgoing royalty is an ongoing issue. Investigation into kingdom funded storage indicates approximately $1000 per annum fees for this option. The current liquidity of the kingdom does not allow for paid storage.

Further review and research required to compare how other kingdoms address this issue. Item brought forward.


Proposal of voluntary online concussion survey


Chiurgeon reports ongoing concerns regarding concussions in the heavy and cut and thrust fighter communities. She proposes a voluntary, online, anonymous survey to collect data on concussions within the kingdom. Resources required to conduct survey will be donated by Margalit in her capacity as chiurgeon.

Margalit requests access to a voluntary pool of fighters to develop relevant questions and seek input on prevention and protection strategies.

Volunteers will be sought to develop educational materials on concussion recognition and will be widely distributed via the marshal and chiurgeon communities as well as replaced on website.

Links to the survey will be placed on the Northshield website as well as access information available through His Majesty and the KEM.


Next actions: solicit volunteers



Centralized data storage


Rodrigo inquired about the central storage of documents. There is a facility for council to use as a repository. Scanned data as well as electronic data often needs to be kept. Centralized storage would not be integrated with the site itself but capable of holding material for continuity.


Marshal information


KEM asks that where information shortfalls are found due to the website failure should please be directed to him. Deputies are assisting. Please use the NS online forms reporting system.


Group Status

Inner sea – new seneschal and exchequer now in position.

Transition and New Groups Officer will be involved to facilitate any issues during this early phase.

Meeting adjourned

Posted by: Kolbrunna Gisladottir Council Secretary (KLO) on 5/23/2013

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