The Heretic's Song

(or "How I Got Into the Martyr's Mirror)

In 1510 I met a man who changed my life for good
Since I believed what he told me the town asked for my blood
You see I did not realize the words which he had said
Had angered several cardinals and now they want my head

For I'm a heretic, a heretic
And if they find me they will bind me to a great big stick
For I'm a heretic, a heretic
And they will surely burn me and the flame will claim me quick

It is such fun, I'm on the run now every day and night
While dodging cries of "Blasphemer!" and hiding from the light
The underground's a stylish place, it is the life for me
Until the soldiers find the house and then it's time to flee

Repeat Chorus

The dungeon's dark and very stark, but I am not dismayed
For now I know I'm glory bound, just as I'd hoped and prayed
The martyr's ranks I'm now to join, I'm happy as can be
My place in history's reserved, right on page ninety-three

Repeat Chorus twice

All original works are © 1992-1996, Wallace J. Waltner

Posted by: Wilhelm Dichterman on 10/13/2007

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