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Mistress Cassandra of the Western Green

Written by Eleanora Tangwystyl of Morgan for XII Night 2001
(MKA Patt Wiedl. The tune is " Scarborough Fair")

Mistress Cassandra of the Western Green
She is a fair lady and not at all mean
Of the House of the Honey Suckle rose she is head
And by her example, we are lead.

Know yea of the house of the Honey Suckle rose?
The Lady there will share all she knows
If go yea there bring needle, thread and some cloth,
And you'll leave with fine garments that can not be bought.

A server of many, a complainer of few,
She is always willing to make the stew.
She is quiet spoken but makes her ways known
If a need for a friend is a need you have shown.

For herself she seeks not the glory or fame
But she'll help you to shine if that is your aim.
Content in the background but gives you your due,
She will make you look good even if you're a pew.

A great seamstress for many, a fine Laurel to all.
A leader of households and there when you call.
She will help with your garb if you ask her to,
But she'll always remind you to research it through.

"Come Thursday night I may have book,
To help with your research, but take time and look.
"Make it into an A and S project some day."
But can you prove that?" All are words she doth say.

If you're a Newby like me with many a question,
About the Society she is Vera keen.
She'll say what is needed and teach you to try,
Though her speech will be gentle you may get the eye.

I thought that the world should know her as we do
For all we who know her call her our friend too.
Here before us walks a great Lady not old,
And a privilege it is to be in her household.

Mistress Cassandra of the Western Green
She is a fine Lady the fairest you've seen
And Into our lives her wisdom flows
But her song is now ended and that's how it goes. (Repeat last line)

Posted by: Elena Tangwystl ap Morgan on 10/13/2007

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