Countess Guenievre du Dragon Vert Countess Guenievre du Dragon Vert

The People of Schattentor

By Lady Fiona of the Harp

We are the people of Schattentor
We come from that land to the North
We come from West reaches of that land
To the east lies Northshield, to the west the Outlands


Schattentor! Shout Schattentor!
We are the people of Schattentor
Schattentor! Shout Schattentor!
Defenders of Northshield! We're Schattentor!

We pledged our army to defend Northshield
To travel far to the Pennsic field
We'll show them our courage bold
As we march on the field with the black and gold


A muster was called long years ago
"Come and fight the dragon's foe"
Our few fine fighters could not leave
Our undefended borders to be besieged


Northshield's west border we must guard
But now we are joined by our neighbors, Noiregarde
When our allies, the Outland's asked us to fight
We could send our army to defend the right.

Chorus (X2)

© 2004 Rita Nauman

Posted by: Orlaith Ballach Inghean Fhlain on 10/13/2007

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