Katlin Laurana Sewall and the Boar's Head (2007) Katlin Laurana Sewall and the Boar's Head (2007)

Spring Crown Combatants and Consorts

Greetings unto the people of Northshield from Morgan and Lusche,
In order to insure that the line of Northshield continues there will be a Crown Tournament held soon.  At the end of the day, by the trial and right of combat a fighter and their Consort will be chosen as Prince and Princess and in the fullness of time will assume the Stellar Thrones.
One couple from the following list will Northshields Heirs, we would invite all to come to bear witness to the deeds of the day.
Combatants and Consorts (in the order that their reservations were received)
Sir Kaydian  Bladebreaker  for  Mistress Cassandra Antonelli.
The Honorable Lord Jonns Gunnarson  for  Lady Miriam Paynter
His Excellencey Geoffrey de la Brugge  for  Mistress Tatiana Marana Melville
Lord Jean du MalChance  for  Lady Katerina Unru
Count Stephen Martel du Bois  for  Countess Ailleanne Ingen Faelin
Lord Hideyoshi Yoshimitsu no kami Nobonaga  for  Lady Caoilfhionn inghean Mhaghnusa
Baron Caradoc for Baroness Bridget ni Cathasaigh
Don Trystan der Facheltrager for Mistress Eithni ingen Talorgain
Duke Hrodir Toreson for Countess Anne of Warrick
Viscount Cnut Ragnarsson for Countess Eilis mac Maurice
Sir Murdoch McArthur for THL Katlin McArthur
Count Yngvar for Countess Luce Tolle
Master Gevehard von Baden for Mistress Greta Rahikainen
We are content that Northshield will be well served.
Morgan and Lusche
P.S.  The day of Crown we would ask that no postings to social media be made, no phone calls of results, no live streaming, no emails be sent until the finals are completed and the Heirs have been chosen.
Thank you.

Posted by: Morgan Olander on 4/26/2013

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