Edward of Kent Edward of Kent

Owen and the Yale

a filk
To the tune of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"
Master Fiskr Hamondsen

The sky was blue a brilliant hue
In Colderdenhale that day
Our tented village grew and grew
As we prepared to play
The day was pure and we were sure that it would stay that way
But the fates decreed it would be otherwise
(heavy sighs)
yes the fates decreed it would be otherwise

There was a creature called the Yale
A hateful thing indeed
Crooked horns and fangs and tail
It only lived to feed
On grief and fears and pain and tears of good men now in need
Of a warrior to fight for the right side
(by their side)
Yes a warrior to fight for the right side

The sky grew dark and then it hailed
The wind ravaged the town
The tents destroyed, the canvas sailed
The river tried to drown
The Yale is strong he feeds among the evil he brings down
Where is our warrior today
(this dark day)
Oh where is our warrior today

Owen saw an awful sight
The Yale was in control
Townsfolk fed his appetite
Dark emotions drained the soul
"You shall not win, the fight begins" as Owen donned his role
as the champion for the bright side
(the right side)
as the champion for our side

He sang a song of courage then
The tempo stirred the crowd
His message finally reached the men
As they became unbowed
They stood up straight and lost the hate as they sang loud and proud
Great songs of comfort and joy
(boy oh boy)
They sang songs of comfort and joy

For when depression stalks the mind
It turns right to wrong
It changes others to its kind
We must resist its song
With joy and light we fight for right, it can't prevail long
Against our strength the Yale growls helplessly
Against our strength the Yale whines toothlessly

Posted by: Fiskr Hammondson on 10/13/2007

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