Valencia de Clariana Valencia de Clariana


As a young man I was born to this great land.
 The lands of the middle they called it.
And as I grew, so did the land.

A land to be known as the Great North Shield.
   And within this Great North Shield, there are many
roads for one to travel. Upon one of these roads
is a land called Windhaven.

Along the frontier, their lands be. And a fruitful lot
   they be; wine, mead, and ale to put one at ease.
Song, dance, and acts for all to see, for they are
the Inn of the North you see.

So when you travel the roads of the North Shield,
   And you grow dry for drink, or thought;
Come visit the Inn of the North,
in the lands known as Windhaven.

Posted by: Raven O'Blackhood on 10/13/2007

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