Natan of Windhaven and Dierdre Wydeville Natan of Windhaven and Dierdre Wydeville
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Kingdom of Northshield - Ducere Ministrare Illuminare

Castle Rouge

In the North lies a land,
One must travel to. Through the frontiers of our great lands,
to a proud place called
Castle Rouge.

A great tower protecting our frontiers,
for you may see none as tall,
nor none as old as
Castle Rouge.

A great keystone of the land,
From the Baronies and lands south,
we gather in the ancient red tower,
and rally under the Sun and Moon in
Castle Rouge.

And from the Inn of the North,
To the Red Keep of the North,
We toast and cheer to
Castle Rouge

Posted by: Raven O'Blackhood on 10/13/2007