Margit Weaver and friend demonstrating their arts Margit Weaver and friend demonstrating their arts

Our Star

In these times of change,
We look forward to see what the future holds,
With the Dragon's thundering fading,
The quiet of the North comes to us,
Like the blanket of night that covers us all.
We see the light of the north dance across our sky,
Guiding us towards the havens,
To the star that drives us all.
Its brightness is matched by no other.
We look to this star, a pillar in the night sky.
A guide, a symbol, a legend unto itself.
We shed the winter, and spring towards our future,
With our Warriors and our Prince shielding us.
We hold fast to our traditions,
For we are the heroes and legends of our tommorrow.
So when we look to our star,
We think of our past, present, and future of our world.

Posted by: Raven O'Blackhood on 10/13/2007

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