Margit Weaver and friend demonstrating their arts Margit Weaver and friend demonstrating their arts

Heritage of the Washishi

A poem presented in honor of Kitakaze Tatsu Raito on the occasion of his
Investiture as Prince of Northshield, May 5, 2002 in Korsvag.

Master Owen Alun

Heritage of the Washishi

Listen to my tale, O kinsmen
Hear how upon the Frozen Wasteland
Deep within the land of Winter
First woke the people of the Griffon
Under the light of the Aurora
The leaders of our land came foward
Learn the lessons of their line

First Leader of the Griffon clan
was Dafydd, who Hawk-like led his folk
forth from the harsh winter's claim,
through the bleak and barren lands
where songs first stirred the shoulder kin
from slumber to hear spring's windsong.

Arose then one to follow him, as Champion,
as Heir and Prince. Together they led us to war
Victorious against the foes

Through winds of war and wars of weather
The winter's chill came and left again,
The waters surged with life and fury
Through weal and woe Conn taught us well
Compassion for each and all who dwell here

The seasons turned, spring came once more
When Sigfried, faster than the comet
sprang upon the field of war
and reminded us all of the reasons
which, while seeming little
yet are all that is worth living for

His son, Cnut, was fierce in fight,
and when the time of war was done
Sought wisdom at the council-fire,
where warmth and welcome guide the way
Caring as much for love of learning

The traveler who journeys over the mountain
Finds virtue in a a spring of crystal water.

As Spring's mists cleared again, a warrior
came forth upon a chariot
Belrix raced across the plain
in summer's heat, challenging us to share
in the joy of the hunt, the fire in the heart,
and the dance of life.

Tarrach strode forth to take his place
when Belrix's hand was lost in strife.
He summoned councils, bidding all to think with care
on where we'd been, on where we'd go,
on who the best examples were to guide
the people down untravelled roads.

Alasdair reminded us
that our roots came from fertile soil,
that the Middle Kingdom held us close and wanted us to grow.
He travelled as a gardener should.
Crossing his lands to tend to things as yet unseen,
and encouraging seedlings to grow strong.

Gaylen bid us to take care
to seek the joy found best in play
upon the field of combat
or at feast or by the fire.

Frost in winter dances on the wind and icy water.
Flame in the hearth dances on the logs and in our hearts

Tristan made the trumpets sound
To unify the Griffon warhost
Exhorting each to work as one
Helping each other in times of trial
Marching together in times of triumph
Through mud and through the fire of battle

Saeric encouaged all to strive
To demonstrate their own prowess
Whether in the scribal arts
Or other arts of peace or war

Greatest is the gift unlooked for
Flowers blooming brightly from deep snow

Kenneth listened to the people
Taught silence so that they could hear
Their voices welling up together
Forming a chorus of many waters
Marching forth into the battle
Holding true to friends in times of trouble

Lastly, Gaius Niklos Luctator,
who followed first the Golden eagle
Ignifer and Tutor of the assembly
Pointing out the Good around him

These the leaders of the Griffon
These the lessons of the line
Comes now one to lead us onward
Hear his claim of right to lead us

Kitakaze Tatsu Raito,
Rightful heir of the Washishi
Taught us young and old together
How to stand and fight in battle
First Champion of the Fyr-Bal
He who formed the Viscious Fishes
Swift in battle as the arrow
Stronger than the mighty Thunder

He now comes to stand before you.

Posted by: Owen Alun on 10/13/2007

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