May Pole dancing in Jararvellir May Pole dancing in Jararvellir

The Northern Shield Wall

Far to the North, where the wild winds are born,
A stronghold of Northshield stands tall.
At the place where two rivers flow singly,
Stands the home of the northern Shield Wall.

Warlord, the winter finally weakens;
Come and summon your warriors, all!
Prepare them for honour and glory
In the ranks of the northern Shield Wall.

Lion of Germany, step to the fore,
We are waiting to answer your call.
Lion of Kiev, send out the word,
Call your brethren again to the Wall.

Saxony, Normandy, Scotland and Wales!
Norseman, Spaniard, Englishman and Gaul!
Take up your swords, your axes, your poles;
Close ranks, close shields, ye stones in the Wall!

Courage glows red in the heart and the field
And pure Honour shines white over all;
Both together, binding forever,
Form the mortar of the great Shield Wall.

Northshield is broad and her borders are long;
Let her greatness bear no stain or pall.
Castel Rouge stands where the wild winds are born
And provides the great northern Shield Wall.

Posted by: Sian verch Gruffydd on 10/13/2007

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