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The Governor

By Lord Cu`gan-mhatthair MacMuircheartaigh

As I went out walking through field and village,
I saw a man unlike any come before.
So I stopped a nobleman, and to this he responded:
"Why my lord, that man there - he's our new Governor.

Och surely 'tis madness that has struck my fellows
yet before me stands a man stalward and sure.
Lo' he conquered by might but seeks not his own honor:
In the name of the Dragon stands our Governor.

In a time steeped in cold did he rule seeking justice.
His manner was chiv'rous to high lord and poor.
No fault could I find with him or his strange lady,
So Vivant - cry Vivant for our Lord Governor.

His time has now passed and all is back to normal
The Griffin Throne plays host to princes once more.
But in our time to come there will not be one like him
so remember with honor our Lone Governor.

Tune: Bold Finnian Men

Posted by: Cu`gan-mhatthair MacMuircheartaigh on 10/13/2007

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