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Minutes from 12th Night Stallari Meeting - 1/13

Minutes from the Stallari meeting at Nordskogen’s Twelfth Night and Baronial Investiture


Attendees: TRM, TRH, Orlaith, Tom, Fiona, Margalit, Rigo, Sefa (Kingdom Exchequer Emergency Deputy), Gevehard (for Maol Mhichil), Deja, Marwen, Toramassa

Kingdom Seneschal:

  • Anplica Fiore applied for and has been accepted for the position of Event Information Officer.
  • Law change for Order of the White Scarf of Northshield registration was determined to be non-substantive. TRM can proclaim the law change at any time.
  • Discussion of Kingdom Seneschal candidates, and a recommendation was made for approval at Society.

Regalia: Fundraising dollars are still making their way to the Exchequer. Make crowns first, as they are getting worn out, don’t travel well and were not intended to be used regularly. A question was raised about using unallocated funds to pay for regalia, and the consensus was that it is not wise to spend our nest egg. The settlement reduced Kingdom accounts significantly. Fundraising will continue.

Crown bid from Vilku Urvas: The fighting area is not sufficient for a Crown Tournament. The bid cannot be accepted at the current site.

Discussion about Kingdom event bids, how to generate more of them and have the succession secured well in advance. Ideas include regional bid coaches and/or creating a bid template that includes basic expectations such as square footage for the fighting hall. The largest group in each region could be the drop-dead for Kingdom events – Korsvag, Nordskogen, and Jara. JUST IDEAS, no plans to implement any except the bid template.

Chirurgeon: There are only 12 active chirurgeons in the kingdom. Need to start recruiting and training good chirurgeons, and move them into senior roles.

Respectfully submitted by Baroness Aesa Gilsdottir, Council Secretary

Posted by: Æsa Gilsdottir Council Secretary (KLO) on 1/5/2013

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