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The Quest For Summer

"Perhaps my friend Wulfgang it may be that Loki has lead the summer a stray? What say you?", I ventured.

With a voice so low that ground squirral's ears pirked with attention, "That may be, Aleksandr what do you suggest we do?"

"Why my good Don Quiote ... perhaps a Quest?", I smiled.

"A Quest? Where my good Sancho?", he answered eagerly.

"Where else but to the south of Northshield ... perhaps there we might find the signs summer."

With that our lot was cast. We packed the cart and away we were ... "In Search of Summer".

At the 18th hour we left the immediate lands of Castel Rouge proper, much of the valley was still flooded over. We took alternate routes and before the 2nd hour of Saturday we had arrived in the lands of Western Keep. Lord Charles was awaiting Lady Kateline's return from event preparation. We awaited her return and all stayed up later than we should sharing good company.

By the 8th hour we were all awake and out the door. They left immediately for the event site while we went to the nearby merchants for a quick breakfast and some much needed supplies (for me a very important piece of armour I forgot and for Wulfgang a case of beer). In short time we arrived to find some the campground resplendant with pavillions, merchants and some 80 or so good gentles.

We stopped by camp sites greeting friends, eventually with Sir Thomas's good aid we unpacked and struck camp. We then set about arming for the fighting activities. It dawned upon us that we had found summer ... the park was beautiful, everywhere the plants were green, the sun sparkled off the waters of the lake, no clouds, and a very comfortable temperature (70's-80's).

After attending to authorizations (I managed to get two-handed face thrust) it was time for lunch. Shortly thereafter the fighters were gathered and marched down to the isle on which the fighting would take place.

In the intitial melee three teams were formed. Sir Tarrach's team, Sir Wulfgang's team, and Sir Thomas's team. Each team was equipped with a scout to search for the "Grail" and to keep an eye on the other teams. In this conflict Sir Thomas's team found the grail and sent it back to the base camp while they engaged Sir Wulfgang's team in a holding action. However, good Lord Julio our scout reported the plan to us and we rushed to engage the scout and fighter escort. Fortunately for us the scout overshot the base camp and we blocked his return. Sir Thomas led his team in a ferocious foray to regain the "Grail" only to be caught between our forces and Sir Wulfgang's. Though escaping the immediate destruction of his team with the help of Sir Wulfgang's missed javelin throw I was able to use the javelin to dispose of Sir Thomas (Wow! Those things really can be useful?). Soon after we lost Sir Tarrach, after rushing Sir Wulfgang and managing to leg him and get there last sheildman I died. Lord Bretton and our reman ing team member overwhelmed Wulfgang. With the other team members all dead the scout had to surrender the "Grail". Sir Tarrach's Team won the quest. Yeahhh!

The teams were then split into two groups and set on opposite ends of the isle with 1 scout each. They ran through two woods battle scenarios. Forming shield walls each team advanced on the other. Each time I managed to flank the opposing team and managed to die both times. Sir Tarrach's team won both melees. Later a combat archery scenario was run through and three fighters were authorized in combat archery. Then a challenge was issued from the assembled "Knights and their Squires" to the other fighters. T he other team naming themselves the "Folorn" took the first battle rushing the enemy with a well executed charge. In the second melee the "Knights and Squires" pulled even when Sir Tarrach changed the tide of the battle by executing his own well timed charge. The final battle was won when a combat archer was changed over to the assembled "Knights and Squires". In the ensuing battle the team of Sir Wulfgang protecting with spear gave the archer the opportunity to use his new found authorization killing three capital weapon bearers. The battle ended soon after with the "Knights and Squires" the victors. With everyone quite tired we all left the isle for the walk back to camp. Much thanks to the waterbearers who kept us all well watered throughout the day. No cases of heat exhaustion occurred. Imprompt Fighting continued back in camp for those with strenth left. Eventually by 6pm the list field was closed. The event also had archery, next year we will bring our archery equipment as well.

After a soothing shower and change of clothing Sir Wulfgang and I adjurned to Sir Tarrach's camp for a private dinner. The company and food were alot of fun and continued late into the evening.

Meanwhile, some 60 gentles were sitting for a fantastic feast (chicken stew served in a wonderful bread bowl, tabuli, stuffed grape leaves, salad with marinated mushrooms, aregano chicken, flat bread to name part of the menu). Our Gracious Lady Heir, Her Excellency Therica hosted head table. The feast by all reports was a huge success which is never an easy task at a primitive site. To the cook's and servers a hearty "Skold!".

Later a "maypole dance" was organzied. The dance was much enjoyed. But memories of last year's maypole dance and the three tornadoes that followed it made a few of us somewhat nervous. A huge storm cloud appeared on the horizon with alot of lighting. It sent the camp a scrambling. The camp was secured just in case. The storm blew past and the reveling continued late into the evening.

The next day it was again bright and beautiful ... a perfect summer day. We packed our camp up and then went about again visiting different camps saying our goodbyes. It was great visiting and sharing such a wonderful weekend with our fellow Northshielders. Our trip home was safe though somewhat depressing as we were welcomed by the wind, rain and cold once more. However we were warmed with the knowledge that summer had found Northshield at least in part. Loki's mischief was over and eventually summer would be everywhere in Northshield. Perhaps even by Schutzenfest? We shall have to wait and see. Until then bona fide.

Posted by: Aleksandr Vasilevych Lev on 10/13/2007

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