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Who Comes to the Greenwood?

Who are they who come to the Greenwood,
Hand to yew and eye to flight?
Call the quiet warriors forward,
Archer's day to foeman's night.

  1. How came they here, from where and when,
    To gather in this time and place?
    They come from memory's ancient keep
    Arrows touch o'erreaching mace.
  2. Chorus

  3. Who is he in first-hooded Green,
    Tall as the oak and strong?
    A true heart lending silent wings;
    Arrows fly both straight and long.
  4. Chorus

  5. And he of noble right and fame
    Who's hooded Green comes after?
    Turnabout, he rounds them out;
    Arrows sing bright as his laughter.
  6. Chorus

  7. And who comes now in hard-won Green,
    Direct of spirit, eye and hand?
    Fire and ice to mark the way;
    Teacher wise and Marshall grand.
  8. Chorus

  9. Whose soft tread now enters the Wood,
    Bringing grace and light to the Green?
    Dragon's barb o'er her shoulder;
    Lady fair and archer keen.
  10. Chorus

  11. What noble soul now graces the Wood;
    Sky and snow on Pelican wing?
    Crossbow borne in Caution's name;
    Loose is called and quarrels sing.
  12. Chorus

  13. Whose light shines now within the Green;
    Wingbeat heard in bowstring's song?
    Kindness guides a martial eye;
    Bow and spirit guarding long.
  14. Chorus

Posted by: Sian verch Gruffydd on 10/13/2007

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