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FIELD OF GOLD, The Tale of Northshield's 7th Investiture & 8th Coronet Tourney

Translated from Old Church Slavonic this June of the Eastern Calens AS XXXIV Transcribed by Venerable Brother Aleksandros
As Told by THL Aleksandr Vasilevych Lev

"From Near and Far The New Moon To Guide Them
They Journey to Castel Rouge
When Summer is New
Beneath Ancient Witness of the Red Castle
A New Coronet Rises with New Heirs to Choose ..."

A new moon was in the heavons ascending, a good portent of things to come some say.  The Lands of the Barony of Castel Rouge were well into the planting season. The lowland flooding in the south western Barony was finally subsiding somewhat. The land was green with new growth and fresh spring scents filled the air, a fitting welcome for those making the far soujourn to attend the Feast Day of the Field Of Gold Investiture/Tourney in Castel Rouge. Unfortunately, the weather of late had become very tempermental with rain and cold fluctuations descending rapidly without warning. One simply had to pray that the heavon's would remain constant for the next day or so, until the gathering was over.

"Perhaps a Special Mass for Saints Ihor and Gleb might be in order?" THL Aleksandr murmured to himself. He turned toward the courtyard strode toward his waiting Tarpan, mounted and left the manor to begin his Royal ambassadorial duties.

That Friday morning the Barony recieved the Royal entourage(HMRM Ragnvalder and HMRM Arabella), THL Aleksandr and Lord David would act as the Barony's Ambassadors. Somewhat travel weary from sourjourn TMRM's rested a very short while. They requested that They might see the Barony's Zoological Menagerie near the Assinaboine Forest. Thus the afternoon was spent visiting the likes of the Snow Leapard, Siberian Tiger, and Polar Bears and other exotic beasts. A special treat was a presentation of various birds o f prey( various hawks, great horned owl, vultures etc). Vultures are certainly unique among the raptor family and the audience learned quite abit. With the afternoon wanning into dinner time TMRM's required further rest. Lord David departed to take care of some duties and THL Aleksandr returned TMRM's to Their Chambers at Niakwa Manor. There They remained, rested and then began to greet the many later arrivals.

  Meanwhile the event Stewards(THL Aleksandr and Lord David), gathered a number of gentles together for the task of putting the final touches in arranging the large scottish manor house. The large manor house was set by a lovely park(which was designed for the Lord's love of the outdoors and the game of golf; while the manor was used within for the scottish competition of curling rocks). By evenings end with banners, list areas, court and combattant areas, merchant areas. kitchen, feast hall and gate; arrange d all was set for the morrow. With many thanks to those present the hall was closed. Some returned to the Niakwa Manor for revels while others sought the comfort of a few hours of rest before the very busy morrow.

The next day the sun appeared hidden by dark clouds and light precipitation. But this ill omen proved only fleeting and the Sun took over the sky with spectacular dominance driving the moody clouds away. THL whispered a silent thank you to the two saints and promised a great revel come their feast day.

Some 250 gentles in all passed through the main feast hall doors, just about what was expected would make the long trek to this northern most and ancient Barony of Castel Rouge. They were greeted by a cavernous main hall which was arrayed with gate immediately beside the entrance. Along the right wall a long table arrayed with many wonderous arts and sciences donated for the Day's Raffle. Along the left wall was an open scribes work area, a large public list board, beside that the Royal Presence neath a Red and White Canopy. Arrayed before the presence was a large list field, arrayed to each side of that two public galleries, and arrayed opposite the presence was the consort and combattant presences. Each presence was displayed quite well and added greatly to the pagentry of the day. Along the far wall were merchants ranging from swords to perfumes.  Beside that was the area designated for work on painting the Principality Pavillion. Just in front of that was a Heraldic Consulting Table. Before the raffle area were tables arranged for use and ease of the public in a tavern arrangement. Removed from the main hall were three levels of manor, the lower level were guarderobes for public use and the Royal Chambers, the mid-level allowed for the lower kitchen and a balconey to oversee the main hall with benches arrayed for such use, and the upper level feast hall and upper kitchen which also offered a balconey view of the main hall. In the corner of the feast hall was arrayed the private library of THL Aleksandr covering Byzantine, Kievan-Rus, and Music for the perusal of an y who wished. Just outside the Main Hall was a large spit on which a giant wild boar was roasting. It's delightful smell wafted throughout promising a delicious feast to come latter that eveing. An impresive vision all around.

Due to the long trip many of the travelers made, there was an understandable tardiness to gentles arriving on site. The early morning Court was rescheduled to a late morning Court.

"Oy Yeah! Oy Yeah! All rise...", cried the Herald

In processed Their Most Holy Lord and Lady Emperatoi of the MidRealm, Masters of both the Inland Seas and Seas of the Frozen Northlands, Rulers of the Lands of Midlands, Pentamere, Constellation, North and South Oaken, Protectors of the City-state of Pennsia and Soveriegns over the Principality of Northshield, Rex Ragnvaldr and Regina Arabella. They were proceeded by an impressive array of armed escorts and entourage which mirrowed Their own impressive contenance. They were followed by Their Stellar Highnes ses of Northshield, Western Guardians of the Middle, Masters of the Plains and River Valleys, Grand Prince Tarrach "Battle-Boar" and Grand Princess Fiona "Does-Grace". Their Serene Highnesses were followed before and after by Their Orders of Stellar Constables and Griffon Sherriffs, and personal entourage. The polulace were urged to sit and Morning Court commenced.

Their Most Royal Majesties granted Their Serene Highnesses request for a Principality Court. Their Stellar Highnesses called Their Champion, Lord Vladimir into Their Presence. Lord Vladimir, left his guardian station behind The Prince and Princess and presented himself dutifully before the assembled court.

"Lord Vladimir, what of the quest I granted you?", Her Highness Fiona inquired.

"Your Highness, it was not so long ago that You asked me to seek examplars of each of Northshield's Orders. To this task I have two yet to name and to this purpose seek to invite them into Your court?", inquired the Champion.

"Please do so.", Her Highness replied.

"For the examplar of the Order of Stellar Constables their were many to choose from. But in the end I would suggest that Lord Adrien de Troyes best examplifies the skill, leadership and presence that each Constable aspires to.", the good Lord explained before requesting the said Lord's presence.

"For the examplar of the Order of the Saltire ... I would suggest a man who so inspired me, and continues to do so, that I sought him out to become my teacher, friend, knight ... Sir Saeric Scearhim.", the emotionally charged Lord Vladimir extolled before requesting his presence.

Their Highnesses spoke in turn together, ...
"Good people, we are most pleased by our Champions choices and would remind you all of them at this time...
Order of the Stellar Constables ... examplar Lord Adrien de Troyes
Order of the Saltire ... examplar Sir Saeric Scearhim
Order of the Griffon Sherriffs ... examplar Lady Gueivieve de Beville
Order of the Pyxus ... examplar Lord Edwin Atwatter
Order of Persephone's Circle ... examplar Viscountess Kassandra Tenebrosa
Order of the Crwyth ... examplar Lord Owen Alun
Order of Athena's Ring ... examplar Mistress Magaret Malisse
To each of you I charge that you continue your works to guide, to serve and to light our way. As token and reminder please accept these amulets made by Our hands. And to you Our good Lord Champion, Thank you for allowing us to see the virtues of Our orders. Through them We see the values reflected in your eyes. As token of a quest completed please accept this token made by Our hands.(The tokens were equisite antler carved medallions.) Please take your place."

"For the Examplars and Lord Vladimir ... Vivat!", cried the Herald.

Lady Moraig, Polaris Herald came before Their Highnesses. She explained that she had hoped during her tenure in office to complete many things. Some came to pass, others did not. She was happy to say that two of the tasks completed were: that each of the five Baronies (Castel Rouge, Jaravellir, Nordskogen, Caer Anterth Mawr and Windhaven) in the Principality now had contributing heraldic consulting groups; and that TE's of Nordskogen were finally convinced to submit names and devices for registration. With at least some of her goals met she requested a rest from her Principality Duties. This was granted pending an acceptable candidate could be found.

"I would proudly present my heraldic mentor and friend, Lord Richard of Cumberland as successor to the Office of Polaris Herald.", Lady Moraig announced. Lady Moraig was thanked for her good service and Lord Richard sworn into office where his duties immediatly began.

The Order of Athena's Ring was called forth to witness and greet their newest member. "Mistress Hermina Matilda De Ainesleah of Meridine, present yourself ..., the Herald cried.

Principality Court retired to the Midrealm's Court.

Lady Katelina was called into Court to recognize her worth in the Arts with membership in the Order of the Willow. Unfortunately, she was not in attendance the bearer was asked to convey Their Majesties wishes to her.

Lord Kenric Bjarnsson was recognized in Court with a Kingdom Grant of Arms for his dutiful service to the Principality of Northshield. The audiance cheered this well earned act of recognition.

"At Crown Tourney, we were presented with the banner you see to our right. It signifies the senior position of the Coronet of Northshield within the Royal Family following Our Own place. As it did not meet the requirements of law We dutifully had it removed from Court. Now, as We stand before You we correct Our laws ..." the Crown spoke proudly.

The herald announced a change in Kingdom Law. To summerize ... In essence the Coronet of the Senior Principality within the Middle Kingdom now would succeed to the Throne on the occassion of the Crown not being able to fullfill Their duties and no Tanist or Tanista. The hall cheered the decision and the pride and trust that Their Kingdom had for Their Principality. Skold!

"Now that Our will is clear on the value and worth we hold our Family of Northshield. We would have it known that we equally value those who are of great service to Our Royal Family", the Crown extolled.

"Iae nic Aoidh, for service to the Royal Family of Northshield - primus as Royal Chanmberlain. We recognize and make you a Baroness of Our Court with all titles and previleges." the Herald cried. The hall burst into adulations and cheers.

"Earlier this year, the Kingdom was faced with the threat of War from the East. Our Protectorate of Pennsia was under threat. Good Dag and Elayna having worked so labourously for Peace between our Nations would not work for War, no matter how righteous. So it was that They stepped aside We ascended the Dragon Thrones. We have come hear to Northshield to guage the readiness of Our Griffon Army ... and it's Coronet?", queried the Crown.

The Grand Prince was exurberant with the thought of battle and was most eager to meet the challenge ... however, Grand Princess Fiona gently presented the case that while providing leadership, protection and guidance to Northshield Their own sons missed Their parents greatly. If they were to grow up strong and learned They needed the attention that only They might give to them. So it was with heavy heart that they asked if They might retire to a private life of sorts. Perhaps Their Heirs would fullfill the Crown's request? With sadness Their Majesties aggreed to Their wishes.

Their Serene Highnesses called forth, THL Aleksandr Vasilevych Lev - Brehain to the Stellar Throne. He was thanked for his good counsel and friendship and presented with a joint Prince's and Princess's Cypher in the form or a beautiful felted pouch. Then Mistress Wyndreth and Lord Vladimir, Prince and Princess's Champions were called forth. They were thanked for their good service and friendship. Tarrach and Fiona then rose taking the Coronet's from Their brows and placing Them on the Griffon Thrones. They requested that They might leave and were granted permission. With cheers of joy and sadness They left with Their entourage.

"Lord Heir, Alasdair MacFhearghuis present Yourself before Their Majesties!, the Herald cried.

With great pagentry the Lord Heir and Household de Bohun approached the Presence.

"I am here Your Majesties, to take my rightful place ...," the Lord Heir announced.

With the Principality Seneschal and Principality Knight Marshal attesting to the Lord Heirs claims. Their Draconic Majesties welcomed Their new Prince and reminded Him of His Royal duties and obligations.

"But it is not right that one should rule alone. The duties are great. Do You have one to share the burden of Coronet?", Her Majestiy inquired.

His Highness Alasdair answered affirming there was one.

"Lady Heir Isabelle de la Montana present Yourself before Their Majesties.", the Herald cried.

With great pagentry the Lady Heir and Household - Lost Boys presented themselves. The Lady Heir affirmed Her worth before the Hall. Well pleased Their Majesties presented the Coronet to the Lord Prince and allowed Him to place the Coronet upon Her brow while They reminded Her of the duties and obligations of the Coronet.

"Northshield, welcome Your new Prince and Princess!", the Herald cried. The hall explouded with jubilant cheers.

Court was closed until mid-afternoon, where it would resume with the presentation of contenders for the position of Heirs.

During this break some gentles left site for lunch while others sought lunch from the lower kitchens. Lunch consisted of a stir fried steak, onions, green peppers on a bun and a lemon beverage. Their Majesties retired for a Chivalry meeting. The Northshield Choir met in part of the hall and practised. Others shopped, bought raffle tickets, or simply enjoyed good company.

Afternoon Court was called into session. To find worthy successors Their Serene Highnesses called for a,"... Tourney of Chivalrous Combat, A Field of Gold. These worthy gentles have responded ..." (what follows is a recollection and not the precise order of precidence)
- Lord Arslan Sanjarzade, Serjant and Lady Meave de Clare;
- Lord Tormod de Palermo, Stellar Constable and Mistress Saexburgha, Order of the Laurel;
- Sir Galen the Smiling, Knight and Mistress Kelinda Garrett, Order of the Pelican;
- Lord Morgan Bartholemew Cuthbert and Lady Ion verch David
- Lord Dorian Methodius, Griffon Sheriff and Lady Colleen O'Ryan
- His Excellency Caradoc Llew Du ap Morgan, Court Baron, Order of the Pelican and Her Excellency Bridget ni Cathasaigh, Court Baroness;
- Lord Talon of Silverhawk, Griffon Sheriff and Lady Raven of Sliverhawk;
- Lord Kenneth die Katze, Sergeant and Griffon Sheriff and Lady Leyla
- Lord Ian MacTawish, Griffon Sheriff and Lady Roxanne MacTawish
... Nine in all"

Each presentation was unique and lived up to Their Highnesses wishes of sharing the joy of the day through pagentry. Pipers, banners and eloquent presentations, some humourous others heart felt, were pleasing to the eye and ear.

"Let the tourney commence!", They commanded.

What followed was varied martial excellence, some presented with humour, others with extreme reverance, but always with honour observed by Their Majesties and Their Highnesses open Court. In the end two remained: Sir Galen championing Mistress Kalinda and Lord Kenneth championing Lady Leyla. Both Consorts were escorted to seats of honour and were there welcomed and comforted by past Viscountesses.

The finals were contested with sword and sheild as the preferred arms. The after two or three clashes of arms the first bought was decided - Sir Galen was victorious. The next bout lasted much longer with excellent defenses countering flurries of blows. Whom would tire more quickly? In the end Sir Galen had enough reserves to succeed past Lord Kenneth's defense - Sir Galen victor.

"Northshield greet Your new Lord and Lady Heirs, Their Excellencies Galen and Kalinda!" Cries of Hoobah, Skold and Vivat resounded. The Tourney was concluded and court closed. At His Majesties invitation the list field would re-open for 1 hour. Feast would follow shortly thereafter.

Sadly, the feast hall could not support a repaste beyond 150 gentles. The lower hall was made ready for evenings late court and left open for the populace not attending feast to return to.

"All rise ..." cried THL Aleksandr, Maple-leaf Pursuivant and tonight Feast Herald. In processed TMRM's Ragnvaldr and Arabella, followed by TSH's Alasdair and Isabelle, follwed by TE's TL&LH's Galen and Kalinda and then TE's Tarrach and Fiona.

A wonderous feast followed: breads, cheeses, butter, elizabethan eggs with whipped cream, blamage, almond rice, honeyed glazed ginger carrots, whole roast pig, peach tarts with whipped cream and a wonderous sculpted marzapan griffon sarjant with hollow interior laying kinder eggs for head table. Between each remove the 38 items for raffle were drawn. As well entertainment was provided by Lady Joscelene Levesque single performance on the recorder later joined by Mistress Monika. The joint choral efforts of Nordskogen and Castel Rouge with a wonderful rendition of Stellas Splendous. And lastly by Lord Wilhelm Dichtterman's solo performance. Toasts were given in honour of TMRM's and TMRH's by Viscount Dafyyd and Viscountess Gwenyth. TSH's andTL&LH's were toasted most humoursly by Viscountess Therica. HE Thrym toasted "absent friends" which was welcomed with much contemplation. And finally the "cooks and servers". All to quickly bellies were filled and the repaste ended. Volunteers were called for help in cleaning the kitchen and the feast hall. Court would commence within an hour.

"All rise for ...", the herald cried. In processed TMRM's, TSH's and with Their respective entourages.

Evening court began with Their Majesties recognizing the winner of the Tournament, Sir Galen and naming him Lord Heir Northshield. They allowed HE Galen the honour of bestowing the favour to the new Lady Heir, HE Kalinda. TMRM's then began taking oathes of fealty from the Northshield Royalty, Peerages, Greater Officers of State, Landed Baronage, and then populace.

Their Serene Highnesses requested a Principality Court, and were granted it. The Order of Athena's Ring welcomed two new menbers; Lady Ion and Lady Merouda. The Order of the Pyxus welcomed Lady Leyla for her period presentation and persona. The Order of the Saltire had a new member with Mistress Ainesleah being recognized for her teaching. Lord Eric Lee Wolf was entered into the Scroll of Honour for answering the call of a friend to do a large school demo(Lord Eric Wolf is from another Kingdom) and then continuing to return year after year to help out with the same demo. Seldom does one see such loyalty to a friend and wider service to the Principality combined. The scroll accompaning the praise brought tears to the good Lord's eyes, as the custom in his home Kingdom was not to present original scroll works. Lord Arslan was chosen as Champion and bore the Sword of State proudly. Her Excellency Fiona was invited into the Order of Persephone's Circle. Principality Court was concluded.

With Kingdom Court resumed. HMRM Ragnvaldr called Lord Eric Lee Wolf forward. He gifted him a torc so that others would know from his culture that he was a valued warrior, with a chivalrous heart. Again the Lord was most moved and reflected that in his "heart he now has two kingdoms as home."

The Principality of Northshield Scribes donated over 30 illuminated scroll blanks for TMRM's pleasure. In turn TMRM's pointed out that only 4 Kingdom's in the Known World continue to gift original calligraphied and illuminated scrolls. The Middle was one of them. During Their Reign They wished it known the great respect and thanks that They felt for the Kingdom's Scribes. Newly created favours will be gifted to each scribe at every opportunity to thank them for their efforts.

"The Middle Kingdom is very large.", noted the King.

"I do not think it fair that one Champion be asked to stand to defend such a wide land. Therefore in Our wisdom we will create a Champion for each region and Principality of Our Lands. Here in Northshield I can think of none better to stand for the Crown than Lord Adrien de Troyes."

But a Champion needs a sword of state. TSH's offered Northshield's in this stead. But what of Northshield? His Excellency Baron Thrym Oddomsonnar, requested that since His own sword has always been at the service of the Kingdom now might it be of service to the Principality for a Champion should always be well armed. TSH's and TMRM's welcomed HE's offer and thus HE's own sword was used throughout the remainder of Court. Vivat!

Lord Magnus was recognized with a Dragon's Barb for his skill, leadership, and service to archery. His efforts on deceminating information about shoots with web page construction was especially recognized. Hoobah!

The Barony of Castel Rouge was honoured in the remainder of Court. THL Aleksandr got to exercise his duties a Maple-leaf Pursuivant and though sometimes visably nervous aquitted himself well. Lady Ceridwyn, Her Excellency Gabriella and the Baronial Cook's Guild were summoned into court and thanked for such a wonderful repaste. Lady Xanthe, Lady Maire and Lord Lysander were invited into court and recognized with Awards of Arms and the rights and perogatives there of. Lady Clare was recognized a member of the Order of the Willow. The autocrats Lord David, and THL Aleksandr were asked into Court. Their Majesties thanked Them for achieving such a thoroughly enjoyable gathering, and still managing to make Them feel welcome and put Them at such ease when They first arrived. They were gifted necklaces as a token of Their Royal thanks. The room burst into applause as the audience thanked them in their own fashion. It warmed their hearts that people really enjoyed their Barony's wonderful hosting of the event.

Lastly, "Sir Wulfgang von den Loen is summoned before Their Majesties!", the Herald cried.

"Your Majesties, I would crave the boon to add one to Your Order of the Chivalry ..., the Knighted intoned.

The Order of the Chivalry was summoned.

"Is this your wish?", The Crown asked.

"Yes!", affirmed the collected knights.

"Their Majesties summon Lord Hreodbeorht of Harhun-del into Court!", the Herald cried.

Lord Hreodbeorht appeared before the Crown. THL's eyes with many others were filled with tears of joy for such a worthy recognition fulfilled. "You shall appear at our Court at the gathering known as Warriors Day and Warlords where you shall decide to accept the accolade of knight or master of arms!", The Crown commanded. Still somewhat stunned the Order of Chivalry congratsulated and then escourted Lord Hreodbeorht from Court. The audience applauded uproariously.

Court was closed. "All rise...", the Herald cried.

The rest of the evening was spent in finishing the clean up of the great hall. With many good gentles help it was finished very quickly and that evening so there was no need for a cleaning the site on the morrow. The evening was spent at many different revels which lasted late into the evening.

Each of the Stewards were at last able to relax and catch up on some sleep. They had hoped to reflect some of the greatness of their home Barony and their Principality. Members of their Barony and the Principality lived up to their expectations in every way pitching in when it was needed and working selflessly. Both felt that they had succeeded and now was the time to rest if only for awhile. Until next time ....

The Honourable Lord strides to his tarpan, together they will ride through the hills surrounding his manor. Arriving at the most beautiful clearing he can imagine. It was here that as a young boy he would frolic with young boyarin and collect frogs. Sometimes collecting minnows for fishing later. Or just soaking his feet in the cool running water.

"Hmmm ... not such a bad idea.", he muses. He dismounts. He wonders to the waters edge and lays down on the soft grass dipping his feet into the cool stream. The water flows and with it all his burdens as well. He wonders how those in Calontir are doing. Our Prince and Princess and many Northshielders set there paths south. He smiles and drifts into a gentle sleep dreaming of their tales ...

Thus ends this Chronicle.

Posted by: Aleksandr Vasilevych Lev on 10/13/2007

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