Eleanor OF Aquitaine

Music by Lady Louisa Jardinera
Words by Lady Eleanora Tangwystyl of Morgan For W.W.VIII


Eleanor of Aquitaine,
Queen of France then of England the Queen.
The troubadours both far and near,
Sing of Love, Sing of Power,
Such wisdom had ne'er been seen.

Verse 1

She was wed to Louis when she was but fifteen,
He was heir to the throne of France,
He soon became King thus making her his queen.
Twelve years later, he set her free.
To Henry II she did bound,
Into his waiting arms,
Then as King, he too was crowned
Made her, his Queen and the court was charmed.


Verse 2

While joined to Louis she mothered two,
With Henry she mothered eight.
Though nobles all, she soon knew,
That they had a different fate.
She made her own choice, a thing most rare.
She taught the world, that Love inspired.
It should ennoble the lover to dare,
Love at last, was to be desired.


Verse 3

By her passions, she changed history,
Now a man is judged not, by deeds alone
But by how well his story is told.
Of how his love to women is shown.
Chivalry, began because of her.
The world felt more alive.
More music, art and culture
Did make the Courts to thrive.


Verse 4

Out of duty, did she rule in France,
In England she ruled with a passion,
But her time imprisoned, taught her much,
So with wisdom she ruled for the Lion.
She was an incomparable woman,
Beautiful yet virtuous.
Powerful but modest for a queen,
Dynamic and courageous.


Posted by: Elena Tangwystl ap Morgan on 10/13/2007

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