Genevieve de Belleval Genevieve de Belleval

The Crowns of the Northshield

By Lord Cu`gan-mhatthair MacMuircheartaigh

Good gentles, pay heed as I recite the roster
of those who succeeded in gaining the throne
of Northshield Princes, thus chosen to guide us
through the myriad trials of our northern home.

Hear the howl of the wind as it blows through the trees.
See the stag and the doe as they run through the field.
Feel the stab of the cold bring you down to your knees.
By these will you know that you're in the Northshield.

The first and the longest were Dafydd and Gwyneth.
Their reign was quite joyful, though often a chore,
For theirs was the burden of creating custom:
sashaying boldly where none gone before.

The next to win Tourney was Duke Conn MacNeil
with Kassandra, lady o' th' equestrian course.
Together they worked to establish our army:
the pride of the Dragon - the Northshield force.

As the seasons turned warm there came Sigfried Schneepanther,
a gentleman sure and a warrior fine,
with Therica Pembroke, our lady of virtue.
Some wonder howe'er she came up with the time.


The next to be on the thrones were Cnut and Nina.
Through virtue of might they would guide and inspire,
but so fierce was his will and so iron his mettle
by the end of his reign half the council retired.

The crowns were then passed on to Belrix and Prism,
courageously leading through battles afar.
Supporting the Dragon in all of our ventures,
while a blue rose stood 'long side of our guiding star.

When the days of the year counted late into Autumn
Tarrach and Fiona laid claim to the thrones.
With kindness and virtue they led us through Winter
'till Springtime returned to warm our frozen homes.


In Spring the crown passed to Alasdair MacFearghuis,
an occasion noted with the draining of kegs.
Isabelle de la Montana got our attention:
she not only fights, she's got really great legs.

Winter saw the reign of Gaylen and Kelinda.
A prince mercurial, a princess refined.
Their reign was a season of rumour and intregue,
we hope for the best in the fullness of time.

The Summer called out for Tristan and Eilika
to lead us in War with a wink and a smile.
Our cousins, the East, did again stand victorious.
It sure would be nice to win once in a while.


We passed through the cold reign of Saeric and Yasamin
the cry rose up "Kingdom!" o'er blizard and snow
Our fire-tressed Princess bid us to take measure
of how far we'd come and how far we've to go.

The Dragon did summon the Griffin to battle.
Kenneth and Lelya lead us forth in the strife
Though much was confused over who won the struggle,
'Tis certain that folks had the time of their life

As lengthening days summoned warriors to valor
an able-armed Roman did answer the call
Aramanthra the Vicious beside him stood Niklos:
a leader to many, and brother to all.


The challenge again drummed through field and shire
bushido did call Raito across the land
for the honor of Eleshava bas Riva
he fought 'till no opponent was left to stand.

In spring to the west the winds summoned the valiant
Robert the Thund'rous stood from those a sword kiss'd
Honoring Isabella Falcao da Galinha
So thus does the Lady return to this list.

Autumn saw the triumph of Sir Lief Haakonson
The Grey Fox struck down any that would oppose.
For honor and virtue he made clear the pathway
for his Lady Astrid of the Yellow Rose.


In the lands of Nordskogen we gathered together
The warriors mustered with honor and might
Aubery Swiftwater defeated all comers
and set Anne Geofferys to be Northshield's Light.

A warm autumn day saw a valiant collection
Hroder Toreson fought well to be famed
Thus here Guilia Isabella da Venezia
will end this history, the last to be named.


Posted by: Cu`gan-mhatthair MacMuircheartaigh on 10/13/2007

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