Robert the Stout Robert the Stout

Bridget's Song

Summer days, they are warm and the sun does shine bright,
and festivities last late into the night.
So she'll dance with her children through revelries grand,
for it will not be long before Autumn's at hand.

As the wind becomes cold and colors turn sublime
she exhorts all her children while there is still time:
"Gather up all your harvests in barns wide and deep,
for soon we'll be held under Winter's cold sleep."

She sits by the hearth of her sheltering home
but her children all wander, through the snows they do roam,
so she prays for their safety, confessing her fear:
"Lord watch over my dear ones, and may Springtime draw near."

As the days become warm and the snowdrifts retreat,
fields burst out in green and the air does smell sweet.
So she calls to her children: "Come into the light.
Lo, Spring is at hand and the Summer's in sight."

*Repeat verse 1*


Posted by: Cu`gan-mhatthair MacMuircheartaigh on 10/13/2007

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