HE Hrothgar the Lucky HE Hrothgar the Lucky

Go West Good Gentle ... and Then North

Transcribed by Aleksandros the Monk

Translated this 30th Day of March Western Calens From Old Church Slavonic AS XXXII

"Go West ... the sparrow whispered", and so Idun's call was answered by many.

Spring's sweet caress was upon fair Northshield. So it was on the evening of the Vernal Equinox that many good folk traveled to the Shire of Korsvag for the Northshield Arts and Sciences Faire. From my good Lord's home of the Barony of Castel Rouge came THL Aleksandr, Lady Sian, Lord Hreodbeorht, Mistress Ainesleah, Lady Clare Agatha, Sir Wulfgang and Lord William. We each were greeted warmly by our hosts Sir Tarrach and Mistress Fiona who had opended their manor to us and many others (HE Gwyneth, Lady Gwenivarr, Lord Olaf, Lady Morganna, Lord Iann). The Friday evening was spent late in warm discusiion and good company.

Early the next morning it was time to leave for the Faire. We all tiredly broke fast and wearly made our way over to the Great Hall. Many gentles were already there, taking registration and gate. In all some 70-80 folk from some 20 holdings from all across the Principality took part. Our own Prince Cnut and Princess Nina as well as Her Most Draconian Highness Kenna were present to take in the wonder of the talent thas was represented there with some 50 arts and sciences entries.

My master, volunteered to act as an emergency judge should he be needed. In the end he was asked to judge original european choreography, a topic that he was not well aquainted with. However, being paired with two experianced judges(Mistress Aiden and Lady Katriona) he was able to draw on their experiance with many questions. They were answered in such a manner that he was left to determine his opinion on the matter. THL Aleksandr opinioned later that he was most welcome for the guidance and in the end the judging experiance though very serious to him was also very rewarding. He would offer to judge again and encouraged others to do so as well. Especially in vintning as our 7 judges were somewhat lost after judging and commenting on some 13 entries. They certainly enjoyed themselves, but would appreciate more help in this pleasurable endeavor.

Besides judging, there was the simple enjoyment of being able to study and appreciate the varied entries, everything from garb, pattern welding, woodworking, vintning, illumination, cookery and on and on and on. There are so very many talented people out there, and so many more who have never entered an arts and sciences faire. For a respite from the arts and sciences, classes on various topics were offered, archery, byzantine, poetry and others as well. There was also a large hall for people to enjoy each others company, share bardic skills and play games. In yet another hall a delicious stew created by Lord Horace was served as lunch.

As the day drew late, all were assembled for Court. "All rise for Her Most Draconian and Royal Highness Kenna, Tanista of the Middle Kingdom ... and for Their Stellar Highnesses Cnut and Nina, Defenders of the Cool Dark Forests and Plains and Rolling Hills of Northshield.", the Herald cried. For many in Northshield this was the first time to see our future Queen, and She was most splendid in spirit and appearance. Her presence made the Court more special.

Her Royal Highness's business was brief, thanking people who entered and judged and calling forth the autocrat, Mistress Akaterynia, for personal thanks and bestowing a token of appreciation. Their Highnesses requested permission and were granted right to hold court within HMRH Kenna's. My master's recollection of Court is somewhat hazey, he points out that the Northwatch has all records of Northshield Courts for greater details. A large number of Schattentor populace were recognized for a variety of skills and deeds ... unfortunately very few of them were at the event. Two new members of the Order of the Pyxus were inducted in Mistress Libbet and Lord Micheal. Three new members were inducted into the Order of the Red Company, though only Lord Joseph and Lord Ulric are at this time recalled. There were many other honours recognized, and for further details one should really seek out the Northwatch. One other item of note though was HMRH Kenna adding a personal token of Her own to those already given to any recipients of the Award of the Purple Fret. She commented that this particular honour was one of the late Tanist's Jafar's most favorite, and in His memory wished to add to the memory of recieving the new honour. With many honours recognized court drew to a close. HMRH Kenna bid her farewells as the trip home was very long yet. The balance of the populace dispersed to various inns in the Shire to seek sustainance.

Upon returning to the Great Hall the populace were gathered for a Principality Moot on the "Honours of the Principality Of Northshield" and if time allowed on "the Creation of a Northshield Fencing Guild". TSH's Cnut and Nina, Sir Wulfgang, Lady Moraig, and THL Aleksandr were arrayed in front to answer and direct the meeting. For the next 1 1/2 hours many voices were heard and ideas shared. It was a pleasure to be part of such a free exchange of thought and counsel. TSH's decision will soon be made known in a future Court and the Northwatch. In the end TSH's thanked all for attending and suggested that dancing and dessert in the ballroom was well deserved. The desserts were plentiful and very, very. very good. Earlier on in the ballroom, the placings of the entries in the arts and sciences faire were distributed and Sir Tarrach was the new Northshield Pentatholon Champion. Skold! Festivities continued well into the evening and after that at several different post revel sites. Indeed the reveling did not cease until after 4am.

Ever so slowly the next day began. Many had already begun making their ways home to their various holdings. Mistress Ainesleah and Lady Agatha were seeking merchants. Sir Wulfgang and Lord Hreodbeorht joined others at martial contest and training. THL Aleksandr and Lady Sian retired back to Castel Rouge as evil humors had descended upon her in the evening. Everyone enjoyed the Faire and hopefully next year many more will take advantage of its pleasures and treasures.

" ... and now go North." the breeze whispered. Many answered the call.

Many generations ago before there was a Northshield, there was a great feast of Worlds's End held in the Barony of Castel Rouge. Later that evening the Sun and Moon were granted the Right to Bear Arms for service to the Knowne World. In ancient academia, De Pascha Comutus ce243, it is recorded that the Sun and Moon were created on the day of the year, March 28th. So it seemed most auspicious that Northshield's 12th Dance Symposium would be hosted by the Barony of Castel Rouge on that very day.

To borrow from a most well known bard of Northshield ...
"From far and from farther,
the new moon to guide them,
they all journey North when
Springtime is new.

Before Royal witness
of Great Bear and White Fox,
they seek to enjoy dance,
as the pure-hearted do.

Hear the Hall, as it
echoes the joys
of the dancers assembled
at Dance Seminar"

So it was that close to 100 gentles gathered before TSH's Cnut and Nina to learn and enjoy dance in Northshield's most northern outpost. They came from as far east as Jaravellir, north as Mare Amethystinum, west as Midewind, and south as Nordskogen.

My master's Friday evening was spent leading a caravan into western Castel Rouge, delivering safe passage to a most reverend Aunt to his most reverend Grandmother. It also provided the oportunity to ensure that no border incursions occurred from the Principality of Avacal. With the early thaw the trade routes needed to inspected and rumour was that contraband sheep were being funneled through by smugglers to Avacal. The border was secure, so it was that late was his return to Castel Rouge.

The early morning saw many gather at the University of Castel Rouge, University Centre Hall. The day was filled with new dances to learn and great comeraderie. The day flew by all too quickly and it was time for a dinner break before the evening revel and ball. But before that their was court to behold.

"All rise for Their Serene Highnesses, Cnut Ragnarsson, Ranger-Brother, Brave Griffon Warrior, Prince and Nina Mirovna Korsakova, Source of Inspiration and Innocence, Princess", cried the Maple-leaf Puirsuivant. Presentations by THL Aleksandr followed. Firstly, he stated that,"As Your Lord High Seneschal it is my duty to see justice met. There are five here today that especially through curtoise and nobility inspire myself and likely others as well. In some small measure I would give them a small token(a single flower each) that would reflect Their glory. And so HE Gabriela, HE Elashava, HE Anne, Lady Seraphina and HSH Nina were gifted a small reflection of Their own inspiration. THL then presented HSH Cnut with a wooden goblet and HSH Nina a glass goblet(Ukrainian motif) with chocolate eggs as gifts for coming to Castel Rouge. "Few truly understand the drain that constant travel takes on the Coronet. You will be the fourth to visit Castel Rouge and Your efforts are appreciated". Announcements followed, "the host for June Investiture/Coronet 1999 will be the Barony of Castel Rouge."; "the emergency alternate sites for June 1998 and 1999 Investiture/Coronet/s will be Warlords and Warriors Day in Osseo, WI in July. An emergency alternative site for Fall 1999 is still needed.", "The Office's of Counsel Secretary and Northshield Clerk of Precidence will need to be filled in June."; and finally "Griffon's Gate(Northshield Pennsic Encampment) is in need of volunteers to run and organize the camp." TSH's voiced Their decision on the status of developing an order of precidence in Northshield. "At the present time their is no concensus to move on this, however there is a clear need to better define our current honours. This the Coronet will see to in upcoming Northwatch's." Two honours followed, Awards of the Purple Fret were recognized to Lady Eileanoira Caoilfionn Siobhan for long service as a scribe and cook's guild member and Lady Clare Agatha MacLeod as local Minister of the Lists. Hoobah! TSH's closed court and the ball and dessert revel followed.

There was a huge amount of varied desserts, cakes, cookies, fruits. None could complain for scarcity of food. The music that provided by members of the Jaravellir Music Guild and Winnipeg Chamber Music Society was beyond description. At the end of the evening the loud and long applause spoke but a fraction of the appreciation. My Lord's dance card was given over to his Lady Champion Seraphina to conduct as she wished. The dances were varied and alot of fun to either watch or take part in. So it went from about 8 in the evening until midnight ending with a frantic Trench more that left many breathless. Tired many retired to quiet post revels before turning in for the evening. It was a great pleasure to see and be with so many friends in ones on home group and to return a small measure of the hospitality that can be regularily visited anywhere in the Principality. A touching moment was Mistress Rosanore thanking HE Gabriele and Mistress Monika for making this Dance Seminar the best ever, and gifted each with tokens of appreciation. Then Mistress Rosanore announced her retirment as autocrat of this event and named Lady Amber as her successor. Lord Owen Alun followed with a wonderous poem in her honour that left many with tears of joy (see upcoming well versed issue for a copy).

The following day many began the trips home. We were lucky to have Lord Richard, Lord Ian, and Lord Hienrich stay on and share some martial prowess and practice before they too had to begin their trips home. Now even more tired the remaining members of the Barony stayed on until the folkmoot that evening. Too share tales of a truly wonderful weekend and event the Dance Seminar ... Skold!

The light grows dim, my lord's tale recorded and it is time for this monk to retire as well. Vale

Posted by: Aleksandr Vasilevych Lev on 10/13/2007

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