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Fighter's Academy Quintus ... A Northshield Tale

Translated this 17th Day of the Eastern Calens From Old Church Slavonic
By HL AVL scripted by Brother Nestor

The hours drifted by in work late in the manor's eastern tower. "Your Lordship, the hour is late and you are to depart soon after dawn?", the trusted servant quietly suggested reproachably. A tired scribe looked up hopefully first to the servant and then to the Lord.

A smile curled his lip and a twinkle lit his eye," Alright, Nikolai take this box of letters down to the main hall. Thank you Nestor for such a good night's work, I will have you rest here tonight before you return to the monastary. Dobri Vechyr." With that the Principality Lord Seneschal retired for a few hours of grateful rest.

"Awake, my Lord Aleksandr ... awake.", the quiet voice of the page whispered. Light was streaming into the room now as the curtains were drawn open.

"Yesssss Daniil ... sigh ... I am awake. Has Sir Wulfgang arrived yet?"

"He is in the valley approaching Your Lordship", Daniil answered excitedly while performing his morning grooming tasks. "Is it true that He killed as many as 100 men in one battle?", the boy asked excitedly.

"Yes, and some would say he has eyes in the back of his head too ...", the Lord answered laughingly when the boys eyes popped open even wider. "... and I should not keep the Principality Earl Marshal waiting should I? Now help me get ready."

A short while later THL Aleksandr was striding across the open yard, "Welcome my friend, how was the path from the east?"

"Difficult, the recent snows have closed western trade roads west of my lands all through to the Antir/Northshield border. Caravans are backed up for miles and many are stranded.", answered the somewhat travel weary knight. "My man-at arms Lord Rhodri and Household Chirugeon Lady Sian await us outside the walls."

"Then we best be on our way south before the weather catches up to us here. Ilia my horse ... D'akuju. Nikolai everything is packed?", THL asked as he mounted his prize tarpan.

"Yes, and all is set as you wished it until your return. Safe journey.", answered the trusted servant.

The two joined the rest of the train at the walls and began the journey south. The winds were blowing and sleet began to fall as they departed.

Daniil saw them leave from the tower and he wondered to himself, "If he too would someday be a brave knight? ... though hopefully much taller!", he smiled to himself as he went about his duties.

The road south was most difficult, the ill weather followed them through the lands of Rudivale and then Korsvag. Where the train halted at the Inn of MacDonald for a short repast. Then they crossed over the mighty Red River eastward. The weather cleared for a time turning from sleet into rain. These lands of Rockhaven and Nordskogen showed the greening of the fields? How odd? How also very Northshield, where weather could change so very drastically. Then further eastward they continued until they passed through the lands of Strumfels and Falcon's Keep. Here the weather again turned to sleet. Finally very late into the eve they arrived at the edges of the lands of Windhaven where there was no precipitation of any kind the air seemed almost spring like. "Northshield ... " THL quietly said to himself and smiled as he pondered it's magical uniqueness. Soon they were at the steps of Lady Madeleine's manor.

"Come inside from the cold, let the servants unpack and take your things, there is plenty to drink to warm you up. Come inside and let us talk." the ever cheerful and delightful Stallari Secretary chided. Once within they with her family spent the next many hours in happy company. They awaited the last guest Lady Tatiana to arrive before finally turning in for the evening. The morrow would be a very busy day.

Shortly after dawn, Lady Madeleine already dressed and shortly departing had sent servants to wake them. After a very quick morning meal they too departed to the Great Hall, the site of the Fighting Academy.

There was little traffic at this early hour except for hosts of the yearly Academy rushing about finishing some final details here and there. In all very soon some 84 warriors of all ranks would be gathered and some 170 other gentles(a new attendance record). But for the two Stallari members there was a meeting to attend at their Coronet's wish. An hour before noon the business of goverment was completed and it was time to partake in the classes.

Fighting classes were taught by HE Lord Belrix, Lord Leif Grey Fox, HE Sir Dafyyd, Sir Wulfgang, Lord Corydon, Sir Semjak, HE Sir Conn, HE Kassandra and HSH Cnut. They ventured into every aspect of armoured combat and many primary and secondary authorizations also took place. There was also a marshalate round table discussing many matters of common concern on the field and of future proposals.

Non-fighting classes concerned with armored combat were taught by HE Gwyneth, Lord Vlad, Lord Cugan and others. These ventured into Chirugeonate, List Table, Water Bearer and List Warden questions as well as other matters. There was also a very fine selection of merchants as Lady Sian can attest to a much lighter purse but heavier satchel she bore.

After the classes the warriors were roughly split into two sides and many open field melees followed by a series of bridge battles. Many good blows were well received and given in good spirit. The few water bearers who were attended were well appreciated and deserve good thanks - SKOLD! Each warrior had many tales to tell that eve of their deeds and their comrades deeds. All in the very best of spirits. THL Aleksandr was very happy but also somewhat tired by the end as were Sir Wulfgang and Lord Rhodri.

Later in the day Their Serene Highness, Cnut and Nina with some Stallari in hand held a Moot on the "future of honours within Northshield". The talk was deeply interesting with many good points taken on many different notes. No consencus was reached by meetings end. For those who missed the discussion there will be two more such discussions at the Feast of Bardic Madness and the Principality Arts and Sciences Competition. Your Coronet craves your counsel.

Soon after heralds, could be heard crying that the feast hall was prepared. Their Serene Highnesses and guests were soon seated at head table and were followed by the 242 other noble lords and ladies throughout the hall. The company at dinner was as delightful as the feast itself, delicious roast boar, salad, pate, fresh bread, cheese, berry compote, apple compote, gravy, apple cider, lemon water, followed by a deadly chocolate desert remove(chocolate mousse, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate star shaped cookies, chocolate cakes). Not yet complete, a castle of huge proportions made completely from various types of chocolate was presented for head table's pleasure. TSH's called upon the attending knights to storm the castle and present the head table with a sampling of it's treasures and then taking their own from the castle. This they did with great abandon and joi de vivre. But the castle was too mighty. Much of it still stood. TSH's then called upon all the squires in attendance to sally forth and to serve all the ladies in the hall further treasures from the castle. By feasts end though largely broken there was yet much of the castle left ... the assembled guests had no choice but to acknowledge defeat to the cooks and servers. SKOLD!

Throughout the feast there was also some delightful entertainment. A sword dance, followed by a wonderful lady singing and lord playing violin, closing with a relatively new war song from HE Sir Conn. "Volos!", was the chorus that resounded throughout the feast hall.

Soon after the feast hall was quickly closing down for it was time for TSH's Court. What new deeds and honours would be recognized?

"All rise for His Serene Highness of the Golden Plains and Rolling Hills and Cool Dark Forests, Prince Cnut and Her Serene Highness On Whom the Inspiration and Wisdom of Northshield Stands, Princess Nina ... and for Their Excellencies Lord Heir Belrix and Lady Heir Prism."

"Be seated", HSH Cnut intoned.

Many honours followed(for a complete record see the next Northwatch) some of which are hear recalled. Awards of Arms were granted. An Award of the Purple Fret was recognized to Lord Edric for past service to Windhaven and to Northshield at the War. Lady Madeleine was recognized with a Guide Star for great service to the Principality Counsel, her hidden strengths made their accomplishments easier. Lord Gavehard and Lord Micheal the Artificer were granted Athena's Rings for service to the Principality through arts(many wondrous scrolls) and sciences(many fighters helms, and showers at Pennsic). Next the Order of Red Company were called forth to witness and welcome new members: HE Belrix, HE Kassandra, Lord Kindorn, Lord Leif, Lord Odo Uthyr and Lord Byrd were all acclaimed and charged to serve well as sergants. They were gifted cloak rings from TSH's and their oaths were taken in return by the Coronet. HE Sir Conn was called forth and made a Stellar Constable of Northshield. The roar of approval and standing ovation from the gathered hall spoke elequantly of this recognition and welcome. Finally, some words of thanks and the future were spoken by the Coronet and the Heirs. Court was closed. "All rise ..."

The rest of the evening was spent in sad goodbyes and farewells amid many hugs. Northshield is so very large and ones friends tend to also be spread far and wide. Many post revels followed that evening. The members of Castel Rouge found a quiet revel with members of the Holly Chalice. But at last it was time there also to say good eve. Back to Lady Madeleine's manor for the some rest for the long sojourn home.

The next day a quiet pleasant breakfast was enjoyed in their good company. Many hugs and farewells followed, but the road home could not be denied any further.

Back through lands of Windhaven, Falcon's Keep, Strumfels, Nordskogen, Rockhaven, Korsvag and Rudivale finally until they were back home ... in the Barony of Castel Rouge. The winter snows and cold had returned but their hearts were each lightened and warmed with their memories and the tales that they would share with their friends at their next meeting.

Bona fide

Posted by: Aleksandr Vasilevych Lev on 10/13/2007

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