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Greetings to the Kingdom of Northshield! This past summer has seen a transition of the office for the Constable of the Cavalry from THL Allisende de Montfaucon, to myself, THL Thuri Landsverk. We appreciate the hard work and dedication that Lady Allisende has provided the cavalry over the years, and I look forward to following in her footsteps. Some changes to the equestrian marshal reporting schedule has occurred in cooperation with the Kingdom Earl Marshal, and the following is now a requirement for the equestrian-marshal-in-charge (EMIC) of any event with equestrian activities: You MUST submit an event report to the COC (me) within 72 hours. This report can either be by telephone or e-mail. A final written report must be sent to me within 30 days. This written report MUST include: As summary of the event (including all in attendance, number of horses, any authorizations, and any incidents), equestrian waivers, minor waivers (if any), marshal roster, authorization roster (if any), a copy of the event’s SCA equestrian insurance certificate, interstate health certificates for any attending equines from out of state (dated within 30 days), and negative-coggins papers for all equines in attendance (dated within specified period for the state where the event took place). These reporting rules are now a requirement for all equestrian events within the Kingdom of Northshield. In other news, you may have noticed a steady increase of a new activity at equestrian events over the past year: Jousting! This activity has gone from the experimental stage to an authorized activity for intermediate and advanced riders throughout the society. All riders participating must undergo an authorization procedure, and adhere to the following armor and lance requirements: Armor: Same as in heavy fighting, minus cup (although frontal groin protection is still required), and leg protection is optional as long as it doesn’t interfere with controlling your mount. Lance: Composed of three parts, the center piece being a cardboard fabric roll of no more that 1/8th thick walls, with a wooden counter-balance as the base, and a one-use foam tip no less than 3 feet in length at the other end. Together, the parts of the lance should measure no less than 10 feet in length. This is an extremely exciting and fun new activity, and I hope to see more of it at upcoming equestrian events. Again, I look forward to serving Northshield as the newest Constable of the Cavalry, and if you have any questions about anything equine related in the Kingdom, do not hesitate to contact me. In sevice, THL Thuri Landsverk Constable of Cavalry
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Posted by: Thuri Landsverk Constable of the Cavalry (KLO) on 10/1/2007

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