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Fall 2012 Coronation Meeting Minutes

Coronation Stallari Meeting Minutes, 9/8/12

Attendees: TRM, Marwen(Seneschal), Maol Mhichil (Polaris), Fiona (Kingdom Chirurgeon), Fina (Laws Clerk), Tom (KEM), Deja (Chronicler), Teffan (Webminister, by invitation), Rodrigo (Exchequer), Orlaith (MoAS), Aesa (Secretary)


  •         2 candidates for KEM position to date

  •         Teffan and Kit have done a GREAT JOB with themarshal website

  •         Trying to encourage non-heavy marshals to put infor KEM; being a heavy marshal is not required

  •         Working to change the structure such that theKEM is overseeing all marshals, not just running the armored combat



Publishing Tool

  • ·        Software is badly out of date and not compatible with the SCA’s publisher

  • ·        Two options: 1. Update just InDesign (part of Adobe Suite, $700), or 2. all of Adobe Suite ($1200-1400)

  • ·        Recommendation: Go for full software upgrade

  • ·        Voted to purchase full upgrade

  • ·        May have sufficient funds in the Northwatch fund– will use that to pay for as much of the upgrade as possible



  • ·        $11,800 in General Fund, $10,500 from groups for settlement.

  • ·        Settlement is not 100% settled and so the plan is to hold onto the settlement funds for the time being. At that time, the Exchequer will ask groups if they want their money back, or if they wish to donate it to the Kingdom.

New Regalia:

  • ·        Crowns and Thrones are needed, per Regalia Minister

  • ·        Will need to fundraise for new regalia, as the current Regalia fund does not have sufficient funds

  • ·        Need new thrones also, perhaps something later period

  • ·        Fundraise some first, get bids later



  • Ivetta is interim Signet; one person has applied

·        Clerk of Precedence: many good applicants.Applications have been reviewed and the next CoP will be announced at Crown.



  • Concern about HsRM not being able to attend Crown because of National Guard duty. Marwen discussed with Society Seneschal and there is a waiver process to validate Crown and allow HsRM to obtain his County that SocSen expects will be approved.
  • Society appreciates the advance notice of this potential issue.
  • ·        If HsRM is unable to attend, HrRM will preside and apply for a waiver



  • ·        One applicant so far for Kingdom Chirurgeon

  • ·        Posting will remain open


General Discussion:

Email list consolidation

  • ·        People are not being added to or removed from unofficial email lists (i.e. Stallari, Peerages, Tyr, Bridget’s Flame, White Scarf) when necessary

  • ·        Official business being discussed on email lists that do not include everyone, or negative things being included in archives that people could see, is a concern      

  • Pulling lists under Kingdom benefits:

o  Someone is responsible for keeping lists and memberships current

  • ·        Leaving them where they are benefits:

o  Inertia

o  Keeps orders responsible for themselves

  • ·        Which to bring under:

o  Stallari. Move to Northshield’s hosts – Teffan to find a host for the Stallari list

o  Peerages – not now

o  Grant orders and others – no


Posted by: Æsa Gilsdottir Council Secretary (KLO) on 9/8/2012

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