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December Missive

Greetings unto the Populace!

For the Exchequers reading this missive, having just completed Q3 reporting and looking ahead to the end of the year, remember that you are required to submit bank statements and reconciliations each month, not in a rush at the end of the quarter! If you can download the bank statement as a PDF from the bank, you can submit those. I’d prefer if you can print, sign and scan them to confirm that you have seen them; but sending an email works, so long as it is detailed enough to identify the statement: “I confirm that the bank statement for September 2020 shows an ending balance of $XXX.XX on the closing date of September 30, 2020.”

For reconciliations, if your ledger or checkbook register shows the same balance as the ending balance of the statement, just tell me that, but again, please be clear. “The checkbook balance on September 30, 2020, was also $XXX.XX.” If they do not match, you’ll need to complete a reconciliation form, adding any deposits and subtracting any checks that haven’t cleared the bank. Scan or take a clear picture of that form, and include it with the bank statement. Please remember that your Seneschal also needs to confirm that your bank and checkbook balances reconcile; but again, an email will suffice, so long as it’s specific enough to tell which month’s statement is being addressed.

To all the members of the populace, I would like to repeat a plea for help in administering my office. I have three regional deputies, whose duties are largely to collect reporting items from local exchequers, review them to see that they are correct and complete, and post them to our online data storage system. The Central Regional Deputy position is currently open, and the Eastern Regional Deputy has served for an extended period and would like to step down when a successor is found. A more detailed job description can be found by looking under my office on the Kingdom website; click deputies, and then click one of the three regional deputies. The job description is listed under “Position Details.” Please consider if you might be able to help with this important work! If you have other questions, please feel free to contact me.


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Posted by: Bayard the Turner Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer on 11/11/2020

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