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August Missive

Howdy Northshield,

Hopefully everyone who went to Pennsic had a great time and stayed hydrated and healthy. To that end we have many other great events upcoming and it is still hot out so please hyrdrate! Also please be sure you are keeping up on inspecting your kits replacing spent foam and fixing worn bits and pieces. There are a couple of announcements this month. Murdock McArthur is stepping in to be position of the Armored Combat Marshal. Murdock has a firm understanding of the Armored rules and culture and will do a fine job for the kingdom in this position. Also for ANY interested Members who would like to put in a resume for the position of Kingdom Earl Marshal please send your resumes to me and their Majesties and their Highnesses. Please detail what experiences you have have that would make you a good candidate for this position. It is important to note that the Kingdom Earl Marshal position oversees Armored, Archery, Cut and Thrust, Rapier, Equestrian, Thrown weapons, and Youth combat so please detail any experiences you have had in those activities that you think would help you be a good KEM. If you have any question please feel free to send me any you have via kem@northshield.org. Deadline for submissions is Fall Crown which is Oct 13th. Thank you and have fun out on the fields of honor.

Other missives from the Kingdom Earl Marshal
Posted by: Tom Tinntinnabulum Kingdom Earl Marshal on 7/22/2012

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