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August Missive


I am currently searching for 2-3 deputies to the KMoAS office. If I had my choices, I’d pick each from a different region of the Kingdom. If you’re interested, please write me a letter of introduction and tell me what you’re excited about in the arts and sciences. Tell me what you’d do as my deputy if you could pick anything. Tell me about what you already do and what you’d like to see happen in area of A&S in Northshield.  Basically tell what makes you geek-out!

Just so you understand, there will be specific duties involved in each deputy position, and we (you and I and the other deputies I pick) would work fairly closely together to accomplish these duties. One of the duties would specifically relate to working on criteria for a kingdom-level A&S faire, so you’re interested in how those criteria would look and what that faire would look like you should consider applying.

The letters are due to me by Sept. 1, 2012. I will then begin the selection process. I’m very excited about what we can accomplish and hope that you are interested as well!

I hope that you are planning an event sometime soon. There are lots of events coming up with exciting A&S components! And even if there is no specific component, it’s fun to just bring a project to work on –I always find someone who’s also working on stuff to hang out with.


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Posted by: Orlaith Ballach Inghean Fhlain Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences on 7/22/2012

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