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August Missive


As many of you know there has been an effort to update and clean up the Rapier rule set.

While the rules are still a work in progress we are happy to introduce a new Rapier Marshal In Training process. This new process will better allow the KRM and RRMs to determine if a person is ready to be a full marshal or not. We want people to help, we want to make it easy to help, but WE need our marshals to be prepared and competent in the rules. To that end the new process is as follows:

Candidates must meet the pre-requisites set forth in the Marshals administration handbook section 4.1:

1) Before becoming a Marshal in Training (MIT), candidates must fulfill the following requirements:

a) Must be at least 18 years old.

b) Must be an authorized combatant for at least three years.

c) Must be authorized in at least 3 weapons forms

c) Must be a paid Sustaining Member of SCA

Once the pre-requisites are fulfilled the candidate can request MIT status from the RRM or KRM. Any deviation from this requires KEM/KRM approval and will be handled on a case by case basis.

Training of New Marshals

1.    A signature system, requiring 7 signatures over 2 grouped categories and 1 individual category to include:

1.    3 signatures for Inspections (must be on the list table roster as an MIT and complete at least 5 inspections),

2.    3 signatures for Marshaling the Field (can be regular tournament marshalling or melee, but must be at least 1 melee.)

3.    Running a list table.

MITs may complete 3 signatures per day, not to exceed 3 per event for multi-day events.

            2. A test,to be administered by a regional marshal or higher (Not necessarily the MIT's regional marshal, just one of three or the KRM). You must get 40 of the 46 questions correct to pass.

            3. An optional, but recommended conflict resolution class, to be held appropriate events by the RRM or suitable designate.

This class will be templated in outline form and copies given to the RRM's and KRM for handout to suitable designates.

Northshied is fortunate to have the depth and quality of marshals that we do and I THANK ALL OF YOU for your hard work on the field. A special thanks to Robert Talbot (Eastern RRM) for his work on this process.

I would also like to thank Piero di Salvestri Verrocchi for his work RRM for the West, stay tuned for his replacement.

War season is upon us - remember to stay hydrated and stay safe.

Honor before victory!

Don Edward of Kent

KRM Northshield

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Posted by: Edward of Kent Kingdom Rapier Marshal (KLO) on 7/22/2012

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