Duchess Eleanor de Bolton Duchess Eleanor de Bolton

Minutes from 6-12 - E-list compiled


Changes to Kingdom event policies sent to Council forfeedback.


Proposal to combine SUN and Officers’ Day. Consensus is tokeep them as separate events.


Changes to Kingdom event laws to be proclaimed into Court atSUN.


Proposed and accepted terms of the loan for Fall CrownTournament: The Kingdom of Northshield will lend the Shire of Svaty Sebesta$950  in order to hold the 2012 Fall Crown Tourney event.  The sum of$950 will be paid back (as an expense of the event) out of the proceeds afterthe site deposit is returned and all other expenses are paid, but before anyprofits are realized from the event.  In the event the full $950 is notrecoverable from the event proceeds the group will pay the lesser of (1) theadditional proceeds over the other event expenses + 20% of the loan or $200additionally, or (2) the full $950 loan.

Posted by: Æsa Gilsdottir Council Secretary (KLO) on 6/30/2012

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