Majer Déva Majer Déva

Minutes from 5-12 - E-list compiled

Proposed law changes regarding transitions and new groups reviewed and approved to be published for commentary.

Proposed regalia auction items sent to the Council for review. List approved and auction will be held at WW.

A Northshield Kingdom Scroll of Honor is being made. Funding has been provided by a single donor.

Bid for Fall Crown 2012 submitted by Svaty Sebesta. Bid accepted.

Clerk of Precedence will be posted for replacement, with an application deadline of September 1.

Proposal to hold an interkingdom event, hosted by Dreibrucken and Drachenfeld (Artemisia). Bid approved.

Respectfully submitted by Baroness Æsa Gilsdottir, Council Secretary

Posted by: Æsa Gilsdottir Council Secretary (KLO) on 5/31/2012

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