Recognize this armouring Laurel? (circa 1984) Recognize this armouring Laurel? (circa 1984)


Greetings unto the Good People of Northshield from Prince Hagan and Princess Eilis,

With the forge of summer upon us, we think fondly of the crisp days of Autumn to come. This turns our thoughts towards our upcoming Coronation and Crown Tourney.

Let it be known that We officially open the Lists of our Crown Tourney.We encourage all good nobles to put forth their intentions to compete in our Crown List, for it is a worthy endeavor.

We will require all combatants and consorts to have resided within our borders for at least one year, have an AOA, and have a letter of recommendation from their Seneschal that they are active within their local group. Please send a letter of intent and your Seneschal letter to Us and the Kingdom Seneschal by no later than Our Coronation. We will also need this plus proof of membership, Northwatch label, a 8×11 color copy of your arms or the arms you will be recognized by, and a copy of your fighters card and picture ID to be presented at the list table on the day of Crown Tourney. Please see Kingdom Law for any additional requirements.

The tourney format will be double elimination. We will allow all legal styles and weapons (under six feet). You should be able to  touch your fingers while wrapping  your arms around your shield width-wise. You also need to be able to straddle it comfortably lengthwise.

For the good of the Land!

Hagan and Eilis
Prince and Princess, Northshield

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Posted by: Hagan and Eilis Their Royal Highnesses on 8/1/2007

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