Sir Leif Haakonson Sir Leif Haakonson

July Missive

Unto the Wonderful and Noble People of Northshield do we send greetings.

We are pleased and amazed by the joy you all have. We are in wonder at how a plague can not quench your happiness. We are humbled how despite the adversity you continue to share your passions with us all. All we can offer is encouragement to keep on with the good fight. Bring your bliss, in whatever form, for that is good. It is a pleasure to behold and spawns a kindred feeling in the beholder.

We find joy in presenting awards to those Nobles who have demonstrated their passion. There is a delight in continuing the tradition of the toy run in a new iteration. We are happy for all the opportunities to celebrate with you.

We know that things are not always good and sometimes it can be difficult to find joy. That is why it should be cherished. It should be shared. It needs to be created. Make, give and celebrate.

Until we can be together again,

Riamh a thabhairt suas, Cha Gheill
CiarĂ¡n and Elis

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Posted by: Ciaran and Elis II Their Royal Majesties on 6/11/2020

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