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Northshield Statement concerning bigotry and bullying

Greetings Northshield,

In light of recent modern events, we want to remind everyone that the tenets Society of Creative Anachronism’s core values are to act in accordance with the chivalric virtues of honor and service, to value and respect the worth and dignity of all individuals, to practice inclusiveness, and to respect pluralism and diversity. We value the diversity of our membership and support the fight against systemic injustice. Our SCA does not include bigotry and we will not tolerate it in our Kingdom.

Members must remember that even if they are not an officer, their online presence is very public. You show an association to SCA, Inc., whether it is an official capacity or not, by participating in SCA social media. When you are an officer it is of the utmost importance that you uphold yourself to the policies of the SCA because you represent SCA Inc. and the Kingdom of Northshield. There are many policies that prohibit the use of hate speech, symbology, and bullying. As officers and members of our organization we must be vigilant and take a firm stance against such behavior, not just because it violates the organizations policies, but also because we will not be complicit in the injustice of bigotry and bullying.

Although the SCA Inc. or the Kingdom of Northshield does not have authority over your personal accounts, we do have control over official Kingdom social media. Members who violate Society and Kingdom policies will be considered for removal from our social media. Additional sanctions may also be necessary for violation of our organization’s policies.

We understand that this time is incredibly stressful and full of constant change, emotions, and reactions. Please take a moment to not let emotions run away from you. Keep logic close at hand to police yourself while maintaining your dignity, composure, and passions. Be kind and care for one another. Remember to show love, kindness and forgiveness.

Serving, guiding and lighting the way for Northshield,

King Ciaran and Queen Elis, Crown of Northshield
Baroness Alinore Wyndover, Kingdom Seneschal
Master Bayard the Turner, Kingdom Exchequer
Baronôssa Xanthippe Botaneiatissa, Kingdom Chronicler
Duke Vladimir Radescu, Kingdom Earl Marshal
Domina Berenice Calvina, Kingdom Arts and Sciences Minister
Baroness Katerinka Lvovicha, Polaris Herald
Sir Decimus Marius Tacitus Ajax, Kingdom Social Media Officer

Posted by: Elis Godbeare on 6/10/2020

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