Elizabeth and Siegfried Elizabeth and Siegfried


We hope that this letter finds all hale, hardy, and ready for a season like none other.

With May behind us and with Heirs found, We look towards the boundaries of Our Kingdom and feel the warm winds of summer tugging us to action. We would like to encourage everyone to get out and come talk with us at events, We look forward to seeing as many of the fine populace of Northshield as we can. We would like to show you the Northshield we see, the strengths, skills, and honor that so readily shines in our eyes. Everywhere we see it straining to burst forth and blind us and we would share this with you. We will set the field if you will but walk upon it and strive to take glory from it.

Our travels this month will see us at Castel Rouge for their “Feast of Old Favorites,” the Midrealm and Our “Border Skirmish,” Midewind’s “Moorish Tavern,” and maybe a trip to the Kingdom of Calontir to see the Lilies. We hope that many will travel with us to these and help us Show what Northshield is capable of.

We would also like to thank Sir Tristan for stepping into Master Kevins shoes to fill the Office of Kingdom Earl Marshall. We know he will do an amazing job.

We will see you on the field.

May you bring the storm,
Hrodir and Giulia
King and Queen, Northshield

Other missives from the Their Royal Majesties
Posted by: Hrodir and Giulia Their Royal Majesties on 6/1/2007

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