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Greetings unto the people of Northshield from Hrodir and Giulia, Prince and Princess,

As the winds of Spring blow in, Winter recedes and Summer quickly approaches. So does Coronation. This month we would like to ask the people of Northshield to assist us with some special requests We have for Our time on the Stellar Thrones.

Our scribes do beautiful work, and in order to allow them adequate time to do their best work, We ask that all award recommendations be submitted to us at least 4 weeks before the event. In April We will be attending: Coronation, Silver Forest Ball and Dance Seminar.

And Speaking of dancing; We enjoy dancing very much and ask groups to attempt to set aside time for dancing during events. If you want to have dancing but don’t know quite how to go about it there are a number of people in Northshield who would be happy to help you. Just ask.

We enjoy seeing the vast skill and creativity of the People of Northshield. Please attempt to find room at your event for an A&S display. Many good gentles have spent their Winter working on cool things and We would like to see them.We also would like to remind people that neither of Us can attend Warriors and Warlords this year. Please do all you can to find another event that person you are recommending will attend so that We can make sure they get the recognition they deserve.

This year the Queens of the Known World have decided to do a different kind of gift exchange at Pennsic this year. We have drawn Kingdoms and are making a special gift basket for Our Cousins Glean Abhann. If you would like to assist Us in putting together a very special gift for them please contact Our Chamberlaine, Baroness Setembrina Bramante.

Ever present in our thoughts is the future of Northshield. In order address this concern We will be holding a Crown Tourney in Our Shire of Korsvag on the 12th of May. We are including a short checklist for the use of those who would request admission into Our Crown list. For a complete list of the rules for Our Crown please see Our February missive, also available on Our website.

Send a complete package to Us and Kingdom Seneschal no later than Our Coronation.

A complete package should include...


  • a letter of recommendation from their seneschal that they are active within their local group
  • proof of membership
  • Northwatch label
  • an 8x11 color copy of your arms, or the arms you will be recognized by, for the list board
  • a copy of your fighter’s card
  • picture ID


  • a letter of recommendation from their seneschal that they are active within their local group
  • proof of membership
  • Northwatch label
  • picture ID

We hope to see many of you at Our Coronation in the Shire of Silfren Mere.

Yours in Service
Hrodir and Giulia

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Posted by: Hrodir and Giulia Their Royal Highnesses on 4/1/2007

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