Baron Thomas MacPaul the Younger Baron Thomas MacPaul the Younger


Unto Our wonderful Northshield Family,

Sadly for Us, this is Our final missive in the Northwatch. We humbly thank you for all your kind attention to Our articles in the past. It has been one of Our joys to write to you of all the wonderful happenings in Our Kingdom and to herald the triumphs and achievements of its populace.

We would like to begin by thanking all of those who joined Us on the journey to Gleann Abhann for Gulf Wars. Northshield’s presence, participation and reputation there are known far and wide. All those who attended should know that you did your Kingdom proud.

We would also like to thank Our Heirs Hrodir and Giulia. Their support and encouragement have been invaluable gifts. We wish them the best of luck in Their Reign and know that They will enjoy the same warmth and kindness Northshield has shown Us.

No one could have wished for a better team of Chamberlains than We have had. Baron Alasdair and Baroness Kateryn did a stellar job seeing Us from Our time as Prince and Princess until deep into Our days as King and Queen. When their new duties on the High Seat of Caer Anterth drew them away, We were incredibly fortunate to have the reigns taken by Countess Aesa, who, through her kind and gentle ways, did a marvelous job of guiding Us through the remainder of Our time on the Throne.

Our reign staff has been nothing short of a blessing to Us. Their kindness and generosity seemed to know no bounds. Though all their names and the voluminous praise they are due would fill this issue of the Northwatch, please let Us suffice it to say that without them the shine on the Crowns would not have been so bright, the banners of Our Kingdom would not have flown so high, and whatever magic We were able to create would have not had the spirit that it did. We are forever in their debt.

Finally, to all the Autocrats, their staffs, and those who attended the events We traveled to, We offer Our sincerest thanks. Because your gracious friendship and hospitality We are sure that no Monarchs at any point in history have felt more love from their people as We have.

We hope you have enjoyed Us as your King and Queen as much as We have enjoyed serving you in the role.

Now and forever in service to the Dream that is Northshield,
Siegfried and Gwyneth

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Posted by: Siegfried II and Gwyneth Their Royal Majesties on 4/1/2007

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