On the field On the field


Greetings Kinsmen,

The horn of war blows and Northshield answers.

Many of us now busy ourselves with closing of rivets on our helms, sanding the rust from our blades, and blowing the dust out of a drinking horn or two. All this in preparation for our long trek to the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann for Gulf Wars XVI.

We have decided to throw the might of the Northshield Army at any who would oppose the Kingdom of Trimaris. While much kindness and praise were given to Northshield by the Crowns of the two contending Kingdoms, We have allied Our troops to make the most fair and even contest possible.

We thank our two Generals, Don Mateo and Sir Gunther, for all the due diligence and effort they have put forth in preparing our troops. We hope all who can will give them as much support as possible in their endeavors.

There is one thing We would ask of Our populace who would be attending Gulf Wars. While the troops of the assembled armies know of Northshield’s might and prow, We would also like to show them our pride as a Kingdom. We would ask that, in your packing for the journey, you include garb in Kingdom colors, or at least a Griffin Tabard. Some of the most beautiful images and memories of our Kingdom come from seeing the populace in procession, flying Northshield banners, and fully adorned in black, gold, and silver. This is how the magic, that is Northshield, is made.

We would like to offer Our congratulations to Mairghread ingen Sean, vigilant for the Order of the Laurel. We are immensely proud to recognize her as a peer of Our Kingdom and the Society, and know she will represent the Order well.We would also like to congratulate Viscount Niklos, vigilant for the Order of the Chivalry. No one more embodies the spirit of Northshield than Niklos and We are deeply honored to offer him membership in this most prestigious Order.

Both will be elevated in Our final court in Silfren Mere upon the occasion of the Coronation of Our Heirs, Hrodir and Giulia.

Aside from Gulf Wars, this month We will be in attendance at Haire Affaire and Bardic Madness and look forward to seeing you all there. These will, however, be the last events We will be attending before the Coronation of Our Heirs, Hrodir and Giulia. If you have had a special memory of Our Reign please feel free to share it with Us so that We may relive Our time as King and Queen through your eyes.

We thank all of you for your kind words and wise counsel, for it is that, along with your kindness, that has made Our Reign a very special time in Our lives.

In Service to the Dream that is North-shield,
Siegfried and Gwyneth Rex et Regina Northshield

Other missives from the Their Royal Majesties
Posted by: Siegfried II and Gwyneth Their Royal Majesties on 3/1/2007

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