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Greetings from your new Archer General,

I am Emeric atte Whytoke and I have been your Eastern Regional Archery Marshal for the last year. I want to thank Gwyn for his service to Northshield and his confidence in me. I also want to thank all the archery marshals for their service for which we would not have our practices, our shoots, and most of all our safety.

I am currently in search for a new Eastern Regional Archery Marshal. So if you can help out, contact the Earl Marshal and myself with your resume.

We had a good Kingdom score in the IKAC with Hrothgar Smior our highest scorer, beating out Calontir and Middle Kingdoms but we can do better this coming year. The Winter Shoot is ongoing with many Northshield archers participating. So go shoot in the challenge and try to better your last round.

In Service to Northshield,

Other missives from the Kingdom Archer General (KLO)
Posted by: Gwyn CuCymry Kingdom Archer General (KLO) on 2/1/2007

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