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Settlement Numbers from Corporate


Here is the breakdown of how corporate came up with our portion totalling
$44,768.16.  These numbers are based upon the groups 2010 domesday reports cash
and cash bearing interest.  The amount for the Kingdom is slightly off as that
was actually based off the 2011 3rd Quarter cash and cash assets (which was
slightly more) but I'm traveling right now and don't have that in front of me
and was unable to get the numbers before I jump on a plane from corporate so
these are from my spreadsheet that I built from those reports this weekend.
All the other numbers should be dead on (feel free to check the 18% of your
cash/cash bearing interest on your comparative balance sheet on your 2010

Remember, the Kingdom is paying the entire invoice to corporate and we're just
asking for donations from the groups as you think your group can do without
hampering its ability to stay viable.  If your group can do more than 18%
GREAT!  If it can't do anything thats okay too.  We also are more than
appreciative to take individual donations too.  Please submit all donations to
our Kingdom Exchequer (Denise Plonis, 45317 Co Rd 172, Deer River MN 56636) and
make the checks out to 'SCA Inc., Kingdom of Northshield' with 'SCA Settlement'
on the memo line.

Group  18 percent
Blachemere (Nordskogen) $0.00
Border Downs    $218.72
Caer Anterth Mawr      $3,977.61
Castel Rouge    $1,152.77
Coille Stoirmeil        $172.02
Coldernhale    $129.52
Darkstone                $282.62
Dreibrucken    $335.46
Falcons Keep    $1,662.13
Heralds                  $52.48
Inner Sea                $358.91
Jararvellir    $1,729.04
Korsvag          $767.20
Mare Amethystinum      $262.42
Midewinde                $629.95
Mistig Waetru  $112.01
Noieregarde    $293.87
Nordleigh (Nordskogen)  $0.00
Nordskogen      $4,696.08
Northshield Kingdom    $16,050.94
Northwatch      $893.04
Orlova Dolina  $151.30
Rivenwood Tower $635.39
Rockhaven                $271.42
Rokeclif                $428.55
Rudivale                $107.71
Schattentor    $762.40
Shattered Oak  $610.50
Silfren Mere    $661.61
Skerjastrond    $145.40
Svaty Sebesta  $88.87
Tor Aerie (Nordskogen)  $570.49
Trewint/Western Keep    $609.76
Turm an dem See $1,087.32
Vilku Urvas    $227.54
Warriors and Warlords  $2,627.72
Windhaven                $1,434.44
Wynandremer    $0.00

Thank you!


Thank you Your Excellency,

You may be wondering why some groups are not listed and some are
listed at zero. Blachemere, Nordleigh and Wyndremer are listed as
zero. Blachemere and Wyndremer were not full status groups at that
time and therefore could not have their own accounts.  Wynandremer's
money was being held by Rockhaven and the Blachmere's being held by
Nordskogen. Nordleigh went inactive that year so Nordskogen was
holding their funds. Also Stromfels, Lub Siochal, and Rockwall are not
listed. These groups had all gone inactive earlier and the kingdom is
holding their funds.  As with all the other groups how they decide to
respond to this situation is at the complete discretion of the group.

Thank you all for your continued work on this matter.

Vladimir and Petranella

Posted by: Vladimir and Petranella Their Royal Majesties on 2/8/2012

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