Sigeric snow jousting Sigeric snow jousting


Unto the Great Kingdom of Northshield, do Hrodir and Giulia send the warmest of greetings.

With February upon us, we look towards the defeat of our bitterest enemy, winter, and can start to feel what spring is. But wait, there are still many things to do before that. We look forward to Their Majesties’ Tournament of Chivalry and old Lupercalia, and would like to thank those that travel with us to Estrella War and Gulf Wars.Now We officially open the lists of our Crown Tourney.

We will require all combatants and consorts to have resided within our borders for at least one year, have an AOA , and have and letter of recommendation from their senechal that they are active within their local group. We need these plus proof of membership, Northwatch label, a 8x11 color copy of your arms or the arms you will be recognised by, and a copy of your fighters card and picture ID to Us and to Kingdom Senechal no later than Our Coronation.

The weapons forms will be as follows: weapon and buckler, weapon and dagger, greatsword, polearm, and spear. No weapon may exceed 6 feet, bucklers and daggers may not exceed 18 inches. Tourney format will be decided after We have received all letters.

May the star light your way.

Hrodir and Giulia
Prince and Princess, Northshield

Other missives from the Their Royal Highnesses
Posted by: Hrodir and Giulia Their Royal Highnesses on 2/1/2007

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