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Minutes from 1/7/2012 - Nordskogen Twelfth Night

Attendees: TRM Vladimir and Petranella, HRH Wulfgar, Marwen, Rodrigo, Tatiana, Deja, Fiona, Maol Mhichil, Sorcha, Marian as recorder.

Northshield Pavilion

  • Owen and other individuals are preparing a proposal for fixing or replacing the Northshield Pavilion.
  • They will take the current pavilion to get an estimate on the changes, would have to go through the normal process to checkout the pavilion.
  • Probable proposal would include installing a canvas zipper in the roof so we can adjust the size per event requirements, shorten the walls to 7 feet to facilitate smaller poles for ease of transport and set up. Maybe make a second set of poles to live at Pennsic. 
  • If we leave pavilion at Pennsic,then we need to give the Northshield mayor the ability to throw it away if it has to be put away wet.  It will not survive wet storage and it takes too much room and time to dry.
  • There was some objection to leaving it at Pennsic without this authority.  We have used it at other events and don’t want to lose this possibility. 
  • Owen may be donating some funds along with others.   May be more portable if smaller, may also allow for a smaller trailer.
  • The pavilion fund has about$1000.00.
  • His Majesty suggested we purchase two elephants to help with pavilion hauling and setup tasks.


Regalia Auction

  • Septembrina has a list and pictures of everything to put on auction.   Some is for the WW auction, also garage sale type items. 
  • We are primarily unable to contact original donors, as there are no records of who gave what. Presentations are not generally included in court reports

Regalia committee:

  • We don’t have good policies written,no tracking, nothing had been checked in and out for years. Regalia is everywhere,it’s difficult to bring it all together.  Keep a list of everything turned over to the next reign.
  • Marwen will find the previous proposal for a committee discussed during Stephen & Ailleanne’s reign.


  • Regalia committee may be tasked with commissioning a new set of thrones; the current thrones are 7 years old and wearing.  The only “backup set” is the old principality thrones kept in Castel Rouge.
  •  Currently,there is $ 770.00 in regalia fund. Auction should bring in more funds.
  •  Preparing a request for bids will be a key action for the Regalia Committee as it gets established

Law Change Status

  • All law changes that are substantial have been published.
  • Stephen is not here so we cannot discuss the marshallate proposals.
  • Proposal to consolidate submissions heralds into one position.
  • Reading augmentation of arms to award structure,
  • Golden Peacock order, will be read in tonight (Greater Nordskogen Twelfth Night)
  • Plan to hold a law court at Fighters School Feb 25.


Kingdom Event Laws:

In order to prepare draft language for publication, we need to agree on the guiding principles behind the event laws. 

Marwen proposes:

Recurring kingdom events will be listed in law (Crown, Coronation, Officers Day, SUN,etc) in order to clarify which traditional events are kingdom and which are not

  • Use of the words “Northshield” or “Kingdom” in an event title will be restricted to kingdom events, in order to clearly identify kingdom events.
  • Groups can petition to have their event designated a kingdom event.  Such are quest must be approved by the kingdom including the appropriate officer.
  • When an event is approved to become a kingdom event, there will be a financial agreement between the kingdom and the group including any profit/loss sharing and advances/loans.  It’ s possible that the profit/loss sharing be 0%, but this will be discussed and documented.  The budget must also be approved by the Kingdom Exchequer.
  • The appropriate kingdom officer will have a reasonable level of oversight over a kingdom event.  While this doesn’t mean micro-managing, and doesn’t mean taking over the event from the branch, the kingdom officer takes some level of accountability for ensuring the quality of the event.
  • Royals have the ability to grant the use of “Royal” “Their Majesties’/Highness’” or“King/Queen/Prince/Princess” in order to communicate royal patronage of an event, without the expectation that this is a kingdom event.
  • Use of uncommitted 2ndweekend can be granted by the royal family, must be requested through the seneschal in writing to avoid collisions.  Suggestion to change wording to“2nd Saturday” to avoid confusion.
  • Rotation should be removed from law,and if kept should be in policy
  • Regional practices would not be affected by this, but probably the KEM should be made aware.
  •  Agreement from Stallari to these base principles.  Marwen will ask Fina to start drafting laws based on this guidance.
  • Minimum list field size for crown tournament: needs to be in official policy.  Policy is more flexible than law.  Need a 30 x30 space to include 10 foot margin for safety.  Put in Marshal policies and reference in bid packet for the tournament.

Upcoming Seneschal & Exchequer Symposium

  • For Kingdom Seneschals &Exchequers (apparently no longer including Chroniclers)
  • February 25 in Indianapolis
  • Marwen and Tatiana will both be attending
  • Proposal to reimburse up to $450 each for travel costs
  • Proposal Approved

Officer Updates/Questions

Marwen (Seneschal)

  • Process for background checks/youth officers needs revision.  As the base process is set by Society, we will need to coordinate This is only for youth officers.

  • Would like to have a policy work weekend to do a mass revision of policies. Timing and location TBD

Michil (Herald)

  • Currently some confusion on who holds the Herald’s warrant in Barony of Nordskogen, no danger of suspension for the group.  The electronic form is submitted by Elwin sp? This is not accurate because he is not a resident.
  • No at-large heralds are listedonline.   Can they be listed?  Check with Ellis. Her Majesty: it would be handy to have them on the website.


Need for an Althing

  • Michil raises the question - When was the last time we had an Althing?   Should we have one?  It was a Northshield Principality tradition.   Reluctant to schedule a full day event without a clear sense of what topics should be covered.
  • Investigate possibility of having mini-Althings at other events, or possibly in combination with Officers Day.
  • Important to ensure that people feela sense of participation, but need to make sure we’re not too focused on administration/bureaucracy rather than the game.

Royal Elephants

  • We would need a mated pair to ensure the continuation of the Royal elephants,
  • Need to create the office of mahout and get agoad for regalia,  Royal poopscooper is not a lesser office!
  • Start looking now for ivory artisans, we have many years before our dear elephants pass and give us their ivory. 
  • Fundraising possibilities: offer elephants for bar mitzvah’s, etc.
  • Tabled to next meeting.



Posted by: Marian Elizabeth Wollenschläger Woodlands (Eastern) Regional Seneschal on 1/29/2012

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