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Minutes from 10-8-2011 - Crown Tournament

TRM Vladimir and Petranella, TRH Wulfgar and Devon, Fina, Æsa, Anplica, Sorcha, Shava, Tatiana, Stephen, Rodrigo

Note that because the Kingdom Seneschal was not present,there was no quorum.


KEM (Stephen):

  • The Kingdom Armored Combat Marshal position isextraneous. We should pursue a law change to eliminate it. Is this substantive? Fina (Law Clerk) indicates yes.

  • Crown list size recommended: 40x40 fighting areaplus adequate overhead space. Should this be in Law or policy? Consensus:policy, not law. Kingdom event policies need to be updated to reflect theserequirements.



  • Proposed new award: Order of the Golden Peacock for period appearance on the field of any martial activity.

  • Interested in changing back to pay to play kingdomfor martial activities.


Posted by: Æsa Gilsdottir Council Secretary (KLO) on 10/8/2011

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