I think he's dead, Martin! I think he's dead, Martin!

November 2011 Northwatch Missive


Just a reminder: Theposition of Kingdom Exchequer is coming open in January 2012. So far I have hadno applicants so if you are considering this position, please contact me so Ican discuss it with you.

Exchequers, if youhave not submitted your 3rd Quarter Report by the time you arereading this, you are late. Please contact me immediately to make arrangementsfor when the report will be completed.

We have decided todo some house cleaning on our Kingdom Regalia that we are storing and not using.We are going through the items that haven’t been used in many years and notexpected to be used in the future. We will be attempting to contact theoriginal artisan to see if that person would like the item back, if not we willbe putting these items up for silent auction. We will be hosting the silentauction on a website that will be linked off the Kingdom of Northshield websiteas well as advertised on the Northshield email list. All proceeds from theregalia auction will go into the Kingdom Regalia fund that allows maintenanceand purchase of regalia. The auction will have 3 items up for bid at a time fora given time period. Payment will be submitted to the Kingdom Exchequer viamail or at an event. Winners of the item will be responsible for shipping orarranging ‘pick up’ of the item. Keep an eye out for the announcement of thewebsite and more details for the regalia auction which will be emailed to theNorthshield list, posted on the Kingdom webpage, and listed in future Northwatch editions.

TIPOF THE MONTH: Make sure you are creating a papertrail with the appropriate forms of all checks written, deposits made,transfers, and event reports. These forms are available on the NorthshieldExchequer webpage under the forms link at http://www.northshield.org/Officers/Display.aspx?ID=4.In addition to tracking this all in a ledger, there needs to be an appropriateform filled out with receipts/documentation stapled to it and filed. Each year,once your Domesday report is completed, signed, and filed, you should box/bindup that years paper records (forms, ledgers, reports, bank statements, etc.)and store them somewhere dry and safe. Records older than 7 years no longerneed to be kept; you may shred or destroy them.

In Service,

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Posted by: Rodrigo de Montoya Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer on 11/1/2011

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