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July 2011 Northwatch Missive


This is a shortmissive this month as I’m making an effort to get information out to the groupMoAS. I’m also keeping up the A&S website, linked off the Northshieldwebsite, but I really do depend on the group MoAS officers to share with their localgroups what information is important.

August brings eventsthat I have always enjoyed, every year I attend. Poormans’ Pennsic holds afashion show as part of their activities, as well as a strong class list. I amsure you have seen my emails on the Hall regarding St. Radegund's KingdomSummer A&S Fair, (an event I again encourage you to attend), which was ablast in 2010. There will be a strong competition and display at St. Radegund’sthis year. Ages of War, a shared event with Calontir’s Heraldshill, is knownfor strong children’s activities as well as classes taught by skilled gentlesfrom both sides of the border. And BYOM....I’ve not attended this one but lovetheir theme. M for Materials! Be sure whatever event you attend, or moot orbackyard gathering, you bring your materials and keep your hands busy!

One event I am veryinterested in is Pennsic, and our contribution to its success. If you areteaching or entering a competition or any other A&S activity, please sendme an email outlining what you were involved in. I would like to gather asnapshot of Northshield’s participation in the A&S side of Pennsic’sactivities for my report to Their Majesties and to Society. Thank you!


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Posted by: Sorcha inghen Maille Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences on 10/12/2011

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