Mistress Theodora von Igelheim Mistress Theodora von Igelheim

Minutes from 9-1-2011 - Fall Coronation

Attendees: TRM Vladimir and Petranella, Anplica, Rigo, Shava, Sorcha, Fina, Marwen, Fiona, Eilis, Aesa

Kingdom Seals

  • The current set is wearing out. Anplica will get costs to replace and will request funds via the Stallari email list.


  • Queen’s Glove, BaleFire, Tyr, and one other have yet to have names submitted. The goal is to have a submission in place for all awards before Anplica steps down.

  • TRM want to create an award for period appearance on the martial field and will consult with Polaris. 

  • Polaris candidates will be discussed at the Crown Stallari meeting.


  • Still seeking a replacement. 

  • Transition timeline to electronic newsletters may occur in January or March. 

  • Kingdom Law may need to be reworded to reflect electronic and not paper access at place of residence for Royalty and officers. Perhaps eliminate the requirement altogether? Blue cards prove that the bearer has access to all kingdom newsletters. Conclusion: Corpora will need to be changed before any law changes should be considered.


  • Western Keep merged with Trewint as of 9/1. 

  • Lub Siochail needs to officially merge with Turm Am Dem See. 

  • Central Regional position is still open.  

  • Mistig Waetru is still in suspension and may come out of it soon. 

  • Proposal to change the format of Ask the Stallari into a curated FAQ. 

  • Review local policies and charters: Seneschal’s handbook discourages local policies, Exchequer’s handbook encourages financial policies. Groups should bring policies to Laws Clerk for review and compliance with NS law and Corpora. 


  • Skerjastrond is now SCA-MI, Mistig Waetru will start the process when it comes out of suspension. 

  • NS Pavilion: received a donation of $500 for the pavilion fund. Proposal is to reduce canopy into three center sections and two ends that can be assembled in any combination, also shorten the walls to fit into a standard trailer. Options: buy new canvas for the canopy. 

  • Still seeking a replacement. 

  • SUN: loaning money to Rudivale, funds approved. 

  • Regalia: has been transferred to HE Setembrina and re-inventoried. 


  • Request that the Stallari send them emergency contact information that will not be published – i.e. work emails, later hours on calls. 

  • Also, consider things the new Prince & Princess need to know and communicate within 2 weeks after winning Crown – Stallari letter due dates, travel fund rules, etc.  Send this information to Aesa no later than two weeks before Crown tourney for collation and review by TRM.

  • Regalia is being catalogued with photos. It may be an option to auction off regalia items that are not used or cannot be used because of delicate condition. Proceeds from the auction would go to the Regalia Fund. Original artisans will be contacted first to determine if they would like to keep the items.

Posted by: Æsa Gilsdottir Council Secretary (KLO) on 10/3/2011

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