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Minutes from 07-14-2002 - Warriors and Warlords

July 14, 2002 Warriors and Warlords IX

In attendance: HSH Kitadate-denka (Neil Gilmore), HSH Elashava bas Riva (Susan Gilbert), HE Robert Thunderous (Mathew Wanat) Lord Heir Northshield, HE Isabella Falcao da Galinha (Kimberli Wanat) Lady Heir Northshield, THL Lewina of Sussex (Lauretta Wenger) Principality Seneschal, Lord Alasdair Calum Montgomery (Jack Welsh) Polaris Herald, Vladimir Volcovich Syehvrnielesov (Harry Kahan) Principality Earl Marshal, Lady Eleanor Isabeau du Coeur (Beth Hart-Carlock) Principality Chirurgeon, THL Gweniver Kenwyn of Roseveth (Jennifer McNitt) Principality Exchequer, Mistress Liadan na Caimron (Barbara England) Principality MOA&S.

Minutes by Lord Fiskr Hamondson (Jon Larsen), Stallari Council Secretary.

Minutes - Silfren Mere minutes of 6/1/2002 - approved as written.

1. Old Business

A. Armorgeddon – There will be no bid to make Armorgeddon a Principality event this year.

B. Quest – Mistress Liadan, acting as autocrat of Quest IV Camelot, presented Stallari with a check for $1400.00 representing Northshield’s profit.

2. New Business

A. Officer Approval Process – Stallari Officers that will be in office as Northshield makes the transition to Kingdom will need approval from both Curia and BOD, therefore they should apply to both. This is a policy change and should be published for the knowledge of prospective Stallari officers. Current Stallari officers should submit their applications to BOD when BOD starts considering Northshield’s Kingdom bid. This process should start with the new Principality Seneschal submitting an application to BOD at Coronet. Future Stallari officer applications will be forwarded to kingdom and BOD simultaneously after Stallari approval.

B. Calendar Secretary – The deadline for applications is August 15, and was published in the July Northwatch. A decision will be made at the Stallari meeting at Armorgeddon.

C. Publication officer – There have been interested inquiries from two gentles, but no formal applications have been submitted yet. The job includes inventory control, budgeting, production of sales items and obtaining copyrights for articles used in the “Well Versed” issues. Since this office is a deputy to the Exchequer, THL Gweniver Kenwyn of Roseveth was asked to write up a formal job description. The office deals with publications only. Decals, etc. should be not be handled by this office. The inquiries should be pursued to try and fill the office by Coronet.

4. Keg report

A. There were over 100 in attendance at the WW breakfast meeting. There will be populace feedback until August 9, then the tightening process begins. The current versions of the KEG documents are for comment, not final decisions.

5. TSH

A. The royal progress was discussed. It looks good, with excellent support from the participating groups.

B. There will be a Curia meeting at Pennsic.

6.. LLH

A. Coronets- it has long been the intent to ask for reimbursement for the new coronets, but they arrived early before discussion could happen. LLH are willing to pay the total amount out-of-pocket if necessary. Once Northshield is a Kingdom, heirs coronets can be silver. LLH asked for $150 to Her Grace, Duchess Caitlin Stuart for the material cost for 4 coronets. Moved and approved unanimously.

B. WW went well. Waterbearers need more recognition, they did a great job. Discussion we held on a waterbearer’s fund and possible deputies for Mistress Margaret Malise.

7. Seneschal

A. List maintenance - There is a need to increase the accuracy of the various officer lists. This will be coordinated through Master Owen.

B. Vilku Urvas submitted the paperwork for advancement from proto-incipient to incipient status.

8. Exchequer

A. Report - See attached. Questioned the budget for the Chirurgeon office which is half what the other offices get. It was agreed that greater officer expenses need to be better tracked and possibly adjusting budgets according to need.

B. A worksheet is available showing donations by group.

C. Discussed CD rates over current interest rates that we are getting. No decisions made.

D. Tor Aerie – The police are investigating an alleged embezzlement involving approximately $2000.00 with the cooperation of the College of Tor Aerie and the Barony of Nordskogen

E. Kingdom regalia – The question was asked about when to let bids for Kingdom regalia. The consensus is that this topic is premature before receiving the poll and questionnaire results.

9. Chronicler

A. New Format – There has been almost no feedback. The new format is easier to read and cheaper to make. We have permission for a PDF format for subscriptions which can be emailed to subscribers. A password protected website is not allowed, neither is total electronic delivery. There must be a hardcopy alternative.

B. Webminister – The only formal application was from Lady Bettina von Hasenfeld, an award winner for web design. This application was approved. It was decided to change officers in October at Coronet. Marisela will contact Randall.

C. Report - Subscriptions to the Northwatch are increasing.

10. Marshal

A. Report – It is the hardest getting reports from older marshals. Only two groups missed sending in reports. Event reporting is getting better too.

B. A new marshal exam was written by Sir Tristan and given to three MIT’s who failed, even though it is an open book test. Is there a problem with the MIT system? Is a mentoring program needed? An extra effort is needed to encourage the wearing of marshal tabards. Do we need separate MIT tabards? It was agreed to push harder for the proper use of tabards and marshal staffs.

11. Herald

A. Report – Group reporting is pitiful. Society would eventually like to see us doing internal as well as external submissions. Currently there is a three month wait for internal commenting. Can the submissions officer find and return the submission for obvious problems without the long process? Yes, and work is being done on revising the policy. We are still waiting on designs for aegis. Keg questionnaire returns suggest that current award structures be kept as we go kingdom. See keg packet.

12. MOAS

A. Report – There are good reporting percentages, and the numbers are improving. No major problems reported. Electronic reporting is popular. There were two snail mail responses, the rest were electronic.

13. Chirurgeon

a. There are nineteen warranted chirurgeons with a few apprentices soon to swell the ranks. No major problems at WW!!

Next meeting – Armorgeddon.

Posted by: Fiskr Hammondson Council Secretary (KLO) on 7/14/2002

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