Syr Tristan von Eisig Syr Tristan von Eisig

Virus Season

Dear all,

In this particularly bad virus season, please be vigilant about avoiding the spread of germs. Post event illness has been a thing that is commonly seen on social media after many events this year. We have events that will have us indoors for another couple of months, leading to us being in close contact with each other.

We know you’re excited and want to see your friends/enter the competition/ take the class/ do all the things/ be present in Court, but ….

If you’re sick, please stay home.

If someone close to you in daily life is sick, please assess carefully if you’re on the verge of coming down with it. Stay home if there’s a possibility.

Take care of yourself, take care of your community. We’ll see you when you’re feeling better.

Thank you

Queen Jehanette
Prince Ciaran
Princess Elis
Seneschal Ealdred

Wash your hands.
Cough or sneeze into your sleeve or tunic
Keep tissues and/or wipes in your pouch

Posted by: Ealdred of Malmesbury on 3/11/2020

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