TRM Eilis & Hagan at the Opening Ceremonies of AS XLII Gulf Wars TRM Eilis & Hagan at the Opening Ceremonies of AS XLII Gulf Wars

Fall Crown List

Greetings unto the populace of Northshield,

Here are is the list of gentles who will be competing in our Crown
list and the ladies who inspire them. They are listed in from lowest
to highest precedence by fighting award.

Lord Magnus Einarson inspired by Baroness Eibhleann of Castel Rouge

Lord Theodweard l'Archier inspired by The Honorable Lady Anpliça Fiore

The Honorable Lord Elkanah Macdonald of Arden inspired by The
Honorable Lady Juliana Foxcroft

Lord James Applegate inspired by Lady Svanhildr Farbjornsdottir

Meister Gevehard von Baden inspired by Mistress Greta Rahikkainen

Baron Johannes von Urach inspired by Baroness Lusanna Cerchi

The Honorable Lord Damiano Cioli del Castello di Linari inspired by
Alinore Wyndover

Don Shaku Kita Jiru Toramassa inspired by Baroness Una Inn’Kottr

Master Edwin AtteBridge inspired by Mistress Margaret FitzWilliam of Kent

Sir Yngvar inn Heppni inspired by Lady Luce Tolle

Sir Wulfgar Von-Ostrand inspired by The Honorable Lady Devon Ffrench

Sir Kaydian Bladebreaker inspired by Mistress Cassandra Antonelli

Sir Leif (Gray Fox) Haakonson inspired by Viscountess Astrid of the Yellow Rose

Vladimir Radescu
Petranella Fitzallen

Posted by: Elis Godbeare on 9/12/2011

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